Eliminate  the ‘one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake’ syndrome – in your biz.  (Let  me tell you how…)

by Louise Crooks

Everyone experiences this, much of the time when it comes to how we move forward (or don’t) in our businesses.

Have you noticed how you want to create something or make something happen, and there is this inner opposing force wanting to do the opposite, create resistance and procrastinate?

opposing forces

It’s almost like having two people in one driving seat – one with the foot on the gas and the other with their foot on the brake.

Do you ever feel like that?

I’d like to say that if you’re conscious of it, you’re more aware and have more choice around your behavior, but the truth is that when you have this awareness of this duality existing inside of you , it can feel more frustrating – because you know that YOU are the one getting in the way.  No one else.

And yes, it helps to have resources and how-to’s but ultimately, it boils down to whether you can actually step up and take the necessary action to move yourself forward. Booyah!!

An example of this, is the knowledge that we need to pick up the phone and connect with potential clients.  You wouldn’t believe how many people procrastinate in doing this.  Their other self, will think up any reason NOT to do it – including all the amazing other things you could be doing in your business.  Anything but that.

And yet the other side of you knows that it’s imperative to the survival of your business… but no, anything but that.

This duality can relate to many things.  The desire to have a successful business and speak to 1000’s of people, vs the ‘I’m not worthy’, ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I’ll screw it up’ beliefs that get in the way of actually doing it and keeping yourself small and hidden.

Or  the duality of  ‘I want to help as many people as possible- it’s my soul’s calling and I know I must share my gift with the world’ vs  ‘I don’t want to ‘brag’ about my abilities so I can’t write or talk about what I’ve accomplished’ (even though sharing these stories will allow people to see what’s possible for them when working with you).

Or a duality of ‘I want to tell the world about my story – it’s very personal and makes me vulnerable, but I know people can really benefit and grow from it if I do’  vs  ‘My story /experience makes me feel very vulnerable and so I hold myself back from speaking up and owning it – I see everything as a judgment of my experience’.

Yes, in ALL these instances (each one of them true instances) the healer or coach has had this inner battle going on inside.


So what do you do about it?

Certainly creating an awareness first, creates consciousness when these thoughts and patterns of behavior take over.

When you’re aware, rather than feeling frustrated, ask yourself what would support you best to help you back to the helm of this ship.

There are so many ways to get support around this.

These are deep inner beliefs that are creating patterns of protective behavior that aren’t supportive to you – anymore.  They might have been when you were younger and when you felt the need to protect yourself in some way.  But now they are just getting in the way.

Getting to the root of the belief is key.

And then replacing that belief with a more empowering belief.

Before you seek outside help – remind yourself of a time when doing the very thing you are resisting actually worked out rather well.  Take yourself back into that moment when all was well, it felt good, and in fact you were proud that you’d stepped up and did it.   What is the energy that you’re feeling now.  Step into that as you now focus on that ‘thing’ that you were resisting.

Another way to support yourself, is to ask yourself two questions about the thing you’re resisting…

1)      What’s the worst thing that could happen if I did it?

2)      What possibilities or opportunities are available to me if I did it?

When you imagine what’s possible, visualize it, feel it, as if it already is.  The Universe can’t tell the difference as time is an illusion  – so it is already done.  And the emotion of that will carry you forward.

And if you can’t shift it on your own, modalities like EFT, hypnosis and Journey work can really help get to the root of the issue and shift it.

When you notice and take action – that’s when you’re find yourself free from the tyranny and obstacles created by the sentry of your mind.

I’m not saying it’s an easy journey, but it will definitely help.

The harsh reality is that if we don’t overcome some of these things we resist in our business  - it’s clear that there will be no business to run in the very near future.  And then you’re back to a J.O.B. where you have to do what the boss tells you even if you hate it. You’re back to square one except this time you’re doing what you resist for someone else, instead of yourself!

It behooves you to overcome the duality you face, whatever it looks like for YOU, your clients and for the world.    Ready to take that step?

I’d love to hear your comments below!

I Couldn’t Eat, Or Sleep. I was a Gibberring Wreck… Can You Relate?

by Louise Crooks

Recently I’ve been sharing the cool reasons why we should become visible in our businesses…. We all know it’s imperative to attract our clients to us right?

Well, I want you to know that just because I’m a big believer in you marketing yourself and putting yourself out there, doesn’t mean I started out happy to have the spotlight on me. In fact, I was terrified. Literally.

About 6 years ago…

I knew that if I wanted to grow my business and get the word out about what I was doing, I was going to have to overcome my fear of public speaking. This wasn’t just a ‘I get a bit nervous but I’ll get through it fear’, this was a ‘white knuckle, food going straight through me, can’t sleep’ fear. (sorry TMI)

In my wisdom, I accepted an invitation to speak at a local spa. It was 3 months in advance so I thought I would deal with my fear when it came down to it, and at the time didn’t seem so daunting so far out.

2 months and 3 weeks later, I’m in the week leading up to the event. I’m a mess. I have my talk created. I know what I’m going to say. But I can’t eat I’m so nauseous – I was a gibbering wreck. I knew I could not get in front of people in that state. And I really didn’t want to cop out and cancel.

You might be curious to know how I came to have this fear…

Well as many of us do, we often have a childhood experience that set the fear in place. I got stage fright not once but twice in front of a large audience, and stood there like a deer in headlights. (I was 9 and then 12) I felt so embarrassed, and I silently made a vow never to be the center of attention again.

This goes against the grain I might add, as I’m a Leo, and I like attention. How about that!? LOL.

Years later, when working in recruitment in London, I would battle to speak even in meetings with my team, without going red and stammering out the words. I was fine one on one, but once the spotlight was on me in a group setting, ai yai yai!!!

So I finally decided in my moment of desperation to reach out to my friend and colleague Karen who was a hypnotherapist, reiki master, and EFT practitioner. I knew that if I just had some time with her, she might be able to get me off the ledge.

She managed to fit me into her schedule on the Thursday (I was speaking on the Saturday). We had a wonderful session where she did some guided meditation/hypnotherapy and EFT with me. I felt really good when I left her place, but I wasn’t sure if it had worked. The next day I felt a bit more normal, and just had general nervousness as I got the last pieces together. Handouts, etc.

On Saturday, I arrived at the spa, ready to get started. I was still feeling nervous. I saw the room was packed with about 25 people all eagerly ready for my talk.

And so I began.

And suddenly all the nervousness and anxiety fell away. I was enjoying what I was teaching, enjoying the interaction, enjoying the audience participation… and before long a whole hour had passed, and I was done.

All that had been needed was a shift. And then I got to embrace the spotlight like I never thought I would. Since then I’ve spoken on various stages including the annual International Coaching Federation Conference. It’s been and continues to be a blast.

Whewww…… and get this… a few years ago, I had no idea about websites, or online radio, or social media… until I got the support to learn about it. I thought the computer might bite. When I got some education on it, suddenly I was on fire. What scared me, now empowered me. I found what I had been holding myself back on, was actually pretty easy, and lots of fun. Amazing how we make things bigger than they are a lot of the time, right?

It’s possible that you have a few fears about becoming visible and about attracting clients or reaching out to them.

Please know that this is normal. It might not be as dramatic as my public-speaking fear, but they are worth paying attention to. Because it’s possible that you’re unconsciously letting a fear hold you back from taking that step – and preventing folks from benefiting from your gifts.

I want you to be able to shine your light joyfully and unfettered.

let your light shine

In my upcoming free training, you’ll know exactly what to do and what not to do when it comes to visibility as well as share 3 mistakes folks unknowingly make so you can have a pipeline of eager clients!

I’ll be sharing key strategies to help you put yourself out there in a way that feels good and authentic, and peel back the curtain so your fears disappear.

So join us! Click here to get the call-in details.

Here’s to you stepping out boldly, and with confidence as you share your gifts with the world, and enjoy a full practice to boot!

See you on the call!

P.S. I would be delighted if you would spread the message about this call! Forward this email or post the link on FB or LI. :-) There are so many that need this type of support to help them shine their light.

Are you creating your business, the way YOU want it?

by Louise Crooks

There are many business models out there that fit your coaching or healing practice, and it’s important to know which one is the right fit for you!

If we’re not paying attention it’s possible to start emulating someone you admire and do what they do, and while it works extremely well for them, you find it fails miserably for you.


The key is to make sure that you’re designing your business to work for you, but to also take into account  the lifestyle you want to create AND also your learning styles – the way you LIKE to work – and those of your clients.

From a lifestyle perspective – think about the kind of life you want!   If  you’re a mom, and you like to be there for your kids, work a schedule that works for you as a family – and allows you to create a business that is essentially part-time. (and it doesn’t necessarily mean that your income is ‘part-time’!)

I love to have free time to be with friends, relax and enjoy my hobbies and environment (walk on the beach etc) and also to travel.  That means I like to be able to work around my travels, as well as design a business which allows me to work while I’m travelling.  I want LOTS of flexibility.  I don’t have kids, but I have LOTS of friends and family all over the world, which comes from having lived in a few different places!   Think carefully about what you want your life to look like so you can design your business around it, and not let your business dictate your schedule.

From a learning style perspective, we all have a propensity to love doing certain aspects in our businesses, and resist others.  (pros and cons here!)   One of the pros here is that you can leverage the things you love to do, so you’re creating visibility and marketing yourself in a way that resonates with you. So many folks are doing so much – all the strategies to get themselves out there and these are often  the ones they’re being told they ‘should’ be doing.  It’s an easy trap to fall into!

For example, you’ve probably heard that video is the hottest thing since sliced bread in marketing, and if you’re not doing it, your business will suffer.  Here’s the thing…  Not everyone is cut out to do video!  You might not feel comfortable in front of a camera.  You might not be up to figuring out the technology or the seo that goes along with making this strategy work for you.

It’s possible you might LOVE writing.  But because you’re doing something that you don’t like, chances are not much is happening at all!   What if you decided to do strategies in your business which included what you love to do, and that writing was a huge component?  Perhaps blogging, article marketing, email marketing etc.  If you were doing what you loved in your marketing would you feel really different about it?

The other big problem is that folks get caught up in doing way too many strategies when they’re looking for clients.   The results tend to be very poor, and the poor business owner starts to feel unconfident and burnt out because they’re doing the ‘running in the hamster wheel’ all too well.


What if you were to pick just a couple of strategies, focus on just those and do them really well?  Wouldn’t that a big relief, and feel like you’re simplifying things.  You will start to see results this way.

Finally making sure you’re in alignment with your marketing language when reaching out or creating visibility, is key to you also following through your chosen strategy.

When you feel GOOD about how you’re connecting ie:  not feeling the ‘ick’ of using inauthentic tactics,  you’ll have way more success, feel much better about actually doing the connecting, and be more likely to take those steps to market yourself than keep feeling that resistance coming up that I know many of us do.

You truly can have a business that suits you! 

When you do, you’ll see the rewards.  Your energy affects the outcome of your success.  When you feel good, your business will become the magnet for the clients you want to attract.   Start to look at all these aspects I’ve mentioned here, and see if you have them all lined up to have the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.  :)

On June 4th I’ll be hosting a webinar called: 3 Massive Visibility Mistakes Coaches, Healers and Authors UNKNOWINGLY make, that keep them Frustrated, Stuck and Struggling to Build a Pipeline of Eager Clients.

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3 List-Building Tips to get you over the HUMP!

by Louise Crooks


When you’re starting out – whether you have a few names on your list, or whether you have a few hundred, here are 3 crucial things you’ll want to know to get you over the hump to building a large community of avid followers who could be your clients in the near future!


1)       It’s not just about getting names, and adding numbers to your database.  These are real people, who have real lives and challenges, and are also interested in getting to know the real you.  Approach building your list from an aligned humanistic approach, where you’re getting to know your community as if it were an individual at a time.

2)      Having a clear understanding of your niche – will really help you to communicate in an impactful way with your community.  You’ll be able to speak to their specific challenges, whether it’s in social media, blogging or teleseminars – however you plan to list-build.

3)      Have a strategic plan when you’re list-building.  Ask yourself what your favorite way of communicating is – is it writing?  Or podcasts?  Or Video? And decide on the gateway you’re using to deliver your message – is it Facebook or LinkedIn?  Is it Youtube, or ezinearticles.com? Is it through referral or joint venture partners?  Is it through teleseminars, or web.tv? You get to decide on your strategy.  Don’t try and do everything. It  will just become too overwhelming for you. (I’ve been there, and bought the t-shirt)  I don’t want you to burn out before you’ve scratched the surface!  Choose a couple and dig in.

There’s a lot more… but just to help you refine your journey as you jump on the list-building bandwagon!  I added  over 10 000 people to my list within the space of a year.  It’s entirely possible.  You don’t have to have such a lofty goal, even adding a couple of 1000 is great, or a few hundred if you’re starting from zero.

Here’s something important to remember – it’s not so much about the number of people on your list, but more about the quality of people on your list.  There is no point in having 10 000 people on your list, who do very little when you make offers. You want to build a highly responsive list.  Having a list of 500 people who all open your emails, and read your messages and hang on your every word and offer, is far more valuable.

Happy list-building amigo!! :)

If you’d like to join me for my upcoming List-building Clinic, where I’ll be diving into detail about the #1 List-building Strategy, and give you lots of space to get your questions answered, then click here to get more details.  Don’t wait, it’s happening very soon and I’m planning to rock your world! ;)

Why Now is a Great Time to be an Author

by Louise Crooks

lisatenerandlouiseLisa, why should folks doing transformational work like coaches and holistic practitioners and conscious business owners, be thinking about writing a book?

For one, it gets your message out–to a much larger audience than they can reach without the book.

Yes, their message is definitely big one – especially as the bigger the reach the more of a difference they can make!  As business owners, why else would it be beneficial to write their own book?

1) In this noisy world, a book distinguishes you from competitors and sends the message that you are an expert.

2) A well-branded book attracts your ideal clients. All the things you teach your clients in attracting their ideal clients apply to a book. When your messaging is on target, the book attracts those people you most want to work with.

3) A book can educate potential clients and make them better clients (i.e. they’re more motivated to do what you tell them to because they understand the reasons why (so they’re coachable) and the book gives them a baseline of knowledge that you don’t have to repeat to every single client. So you can focus on the more customized work with them.

4) A book can create many opportunities for speaking, teaching workshops and retreats, and even if you are already speaking, it can help you get more visible, better paid venues.

Wow, it’s crazy how many benefits there are to writing a book!  I’m sure there are many out there who feel a calling to write a book. I know I have a couple inside me!  What stops most people from doing it Lisa?

Most people don’t know where to start, so feeling overwhelmed can hold them back. They need some guidance. Many people are also afraid –both of failure and success. In fact, those fears are in most of us–so it’s really important to get past that and not let it get in the way.

Yes, I guess there are lots of pieces to the process people need to think about – that’s why you’re here for them Lisa! To help them figure it out right? 

I certainly love helping people get their books written and successfully published–and I’ve had clients sign 5- and 6-figure book deals with major publishers and other clients self-publish and go on to win many awards–so there are lots of way to do it successfully–and it’s really about writing the right book to manifest your particular vision and goals.

What’s a common mistake folks make when writing a book when they don’t have guidance from someone like you?

The worst is when someone writes the wrong book–they spend a lot of time writing–and at some point decide that this book just doesn’t match their goals. Even then, there’s value in practicing writing. But it is good to get clarity from the get-go and save time. It took me 7 years to go from idea to a book published by a traditional publisher–so I know all the mistakes and I now help others avoid my initial mistakes.

Another mistake is not understanding how publishing works–sending a query letter before the book proposal is ready or sending a query without researching the agent and understanding what they are looking for.

How important is it to have a genre or focus for their book that appeals to a certain niche / issue?

Genre is important–I would say for most coaches and healers it would be self-help or how to. But a memoir could serve your purpose too. Memoir is harder to write. It generally takes longer and publishers want to see amazing writing in a memoir. With a how to, you don’t need as much craft but you can still share your personal stories / memoir elements, as well as stories about clients (disguised) or composites of clients–that will add credibility.

In terms of niche, it’s wonderful to write to a niche audience. It helps YOUR people find your book. So, the clearer you are about your ideal the clients–and I know that people who work with you Louise, have clarity around that–the better the book will do in terms of sales and in terms of helping you reach your goals.

Many have questions now about whether to publish through a traditional publisher or self-publish. What should they consider and what do you recommend?

There are advantages to each so it’s not a simple answer, but I would say the biggest advantages to self-publishing are:

1) You can have the book much sooner.

2) You keep control.

3) You don’t have to meet the same stringent requirements of a publisher–i.e. you can publish the book soon whether you have a large platform or not, whether the book is unique enough for a publisher’s interest or not.

On the other hand, it can be worthwhile to traditional publish:

1) There’s even greater cache with a traditional publisher–so it can be easier to get national publicity for instance.

2) A publisher brings an experienced team together who works well together and brings decades of experience collectively to the table. You may end up with an even better product because of the expertise they have (not always, but often). You  can try to create that team of professionals yourself, but it’s harder to do when you are new to this arena.

How can they get started on this exciting journey Lisa?

You can sign up for my free author toolkit here.

Thank you so much for your time in answering these questions! Where can our readers find out more about you, and attend your new teleclass?

I invite anyone considering writing a book, or who’s started and wants expert guidance, insight and tips to join me and my colleague Sam Bennett for Jump Start Your Book: 3 Insider Secrets to Easily Write & Finish Your Book This Year! This free teleseminar takes place on Tuesday, March 18 at 8:30 pm ET and people can sign up here.

Struggling to write your newsletter? 3 tips to generate ideas!

by Louise Crooks

One of my clients asked me recently, about ideas to write about in her newsletter.  This is a common question, and  we all have those moments where it’s hard to come up with the goods!  But when you’re still getting to know who your ideal clients/niche are and what they want to know about it, can be way more challenging.


Here are a couple of things I thought might be helpful to get the ball rolling and the synapses firing!

1 ) If you are clear on your niche, and understand their unique challenges, just pick one challenge and how it shows up in their life, and speak to that. 

EXAMPLE: If you’re a nutritionist specializing in working with folks with IBS,  how do those challenges show up in their life? One example might be dealing with cramping and rushing to the loo in the most inopportune times.  How does it affect their life? They might not want to leave the house, inhibiting their ability to be sociable, and because of that, they might be struggling because their friendships are suffering.  That’s just one topic to write about.   There could be numerous.

2) Think about the time of the year and what’s happening that you can write about in tandem with the people you serve and their issues.

EXAMPLE: In the case of my client who is a Coach helping folks nurture and maintain their wellbeing after Bi-polar Depression:  She could talk about the inspiring light at the end of the tunnel that is Spring. Or how taxes might be impacting folks who are dealing with Bi-polar – and does that send them into a gloomy downward spiral. 

3) Also look at what’s happening out there in regards to events!

EXAMPLE: Like the Oscars.  So maybe she can find someone – an actor who has dealt with depression / Bi-polar depression, and write about them – like Owen Wilson or Ben Stiller – particularly if the actors are at the forefront of people’s minds.

You can see I’m sure, just how important it is to ensure you have a depth of knowledge about your ideal client / niche and ALL of their challenges and the answers they are looking for.

ALL your marketing and successful visibility strategies DEPEND ON IT.

If you’re not clear on your niche or your messaging – you might feel you’re almost there, or it just needs refining , or you might be starting from scratch,  if any of those describe where you are – then it’s very possible that The Niche Quest might be a great fit for you.   Check it out and see. :)

I’m so excited about this new charter program and I think you might be too!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions regarding this post.  Post below!

Doors are Open – for The Niche Quest program!

by Louise Crooks

the niche quest


I’m so excited about the new charter program The Niche Quest, starting next week.

Having clarity around your niche, whether you’re starting out or a few years in, is imperative so your marketing actually works. EVERYTHING flows from your niche and the clarity you have around it.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I encourage you to do so for a few reasons…

1)      If you’re not getting clients, or you’re struggling with list, and are ready to do things differently.
2)     If you’re not finding it easy to make an impact with messaging in person at networking groups, through speaking, or people are just not responding to your website or emails.
3)      If you’d like to find or refine your niche – you think you’re almost there, or you’re know it’s something that needs your attention.
4)      The pricing is SUPER because it’s a charter program – I want to make it easy for you to say YES!

If you’re quick, you’ll also get a great bonus working directly with me for a Polish Your Diamond Niche session. (5 spots left, 10 taken)   This bonus will disappear completely today (Wednesday 5th March) at midnight ET as I need to organize my scheduling.

Ok, go check it out! J  Click here: The Niche Quest

Louise x

P.S. Leave a message on the voicemail tab on the right side of the screen if you have a question, and I’ll get back to you asap! Or in the comments section below.  I hope to ‘see’ you there!


If only learning to List-build was like choosing between the blue pill or the red one!

by Louise Crooks

Did you know the #1 reason coaches and practitioners struggle to get clients, is because their marketing and visibility methods aren’t working?  They’re not attracting clients, or able to find them.

It’s possible that there is a vital ingredient missing, that creates the foundation from which all marketing and visibility stems from.  And you just might not have cottoned onto it yet.  Or if you have you’re only part of the way there.

It’s ok.  We didn’t have marketing and business growth modules downloaded into our brains, like Neo could have had in the Matrix.  It would be nice, wouldn’t it?!  ;)


So the reality is that as a coach or practitioner it’s part of our journey to learn how to attract our clients into our community, how to nurture them and convert them into paying clients. You’ve spent time learning how to be a great coach, or a great nutritionist, massage therapist or whatever that special modality is that you’ve chosen to master. It’s now time to apply the same focus to get it out into the world – through your marketing.

One of the ways to get your marketing going, is to start list-building.  That means building a strong, intimate ‘inner community’, you can consistently nurture over a period of time, who is waiting to receive your expertise and your invitations.  Wouldn’t you just love that!?

You can’t share your expertise with someone who isn’t there, right?…  ;)

There are a few things you need to have in place to get going with your list-building.

On my BRAND NEW UPCOMING CALL on Tuesday:  Authentic List-building Secrets  Revealed

I’ll be revealing  that #1 ingredient you need to help you start your list-building, and that creates the basis for all your marketing and visibility strategies.

I’ll also share what you need to have in place so building this community (your email list) is done with ease   -  what type of systems you need to have place so it works,  different methods to build your list, how to encourage folks you’ve connected with on Social Media and other venues to join your list, what NOT to do, and lots more!!

Join me for what could be a pivotal turning point for you in your coaching business growth on this special call.

I can’t wait to share some of the strategies that worked for me and has allowed me to 10 000 potential clients to my list in a year,  in an AUTHENTIC way.

Remember we all have to start from somewhere.    Whether you’re at 0, or 100,  or 1000 on your email list,  you’ll get some GEMS from this call.

Ready for more clients?   This is your path to a full practice and moving towards your vision of making a difference and living abundantly!

I hope to ‘see’ you on the call.

To your shining success,

Louise x

Visibility and Self-Love

by Louise Crooks

If you could love yourself fully, no holds barred, flaws and ‘perfections’ all – would you be able to step out into world, lifting the veil so everyone could see you, hear you and follow your message with more ease?

Just imagine that for a moment.  Sink into feeling that for a moment.

Loving yourself.

self love 1





Just the way you are.

And even being a fuller expression of that self.

More of who you are.

Embracing your uniqueness, your quirks, your ‘crazy’.

If you could stretch out into the possibility of the fullness of you, and know that fullness is AMAZING.

And now imagine that those around you will EMBRACE that.

Imagine stepping into the world, and connecting with others from that space.

Our fears get in the way of putting ourselves out there.   And yet the FULLNESS of who we are,  is what our community loves about us.  It’s what attracts them to us.   And I would go as far as to say it’s what cleaves us them to us.

So what about you can you love?   Especially those quirky things.

What do your friends love about you?    Ask them.

What practices can you put in place to love yourself more fully?    Start one.

Start pushing those boundaries and allowing yourself to emerge in front of your audience – whether it’s in person or by email.

Allow yourself to take a stand for what you believe in.

Allow yourself to have an opinon.

Yes, you might need to re-teach yourself to lean into that core of knowing and being.

Your clients and community will love you all the more for it!

Way to stand out and be seen!

This is one part of a bigger conversation I’ll be addressing on the 18th Feb in my new call List-building Secrets Revealed.  I’ll be sharing how we can authentically build a community, and as you can probably tell this is wonderful part of the process of attracting our ideal clients to us successfully and in a way that feels GOOD.

Happy Valentine’s to you!  May you let love into your life!

Post your comments or thoughts below – I love hearing from you.


3 List-Building Strategies That Work!

by Louise Crooks

List-building or building that intimate community – you want to nurture for that moment they are ready to work with you – can be pretty exciting right?

And possibly a little daunting…?

I want to share 3 ways you can list-build, so you can expand your reach, build your inner community, and get more clients – in a way that feels GOOD! Woohoo!

That means more people healed or transformed, and a lifestyle you love. Can’t beat that, can you?! And listen up! If you’re needing to build a platform to launch an upcoming book you’re writing – then pay special attention, because building your platform includes LIST BUILDING.

Ok here goes:

Strategy #1

Speaking (at Networking Groups /Associations/ Organizations etc)

This is a fabulous way to build your community, and sometimes even get clients right away. You’re elevated to the level of ‘expert’, and the cycle of nurturing the relationship is shortened dramatically when someone sees you in front of a room.

Strategy #2


Networking in the ‘right’ setting, can be a great way to start building your list. The ‘right’ setting means making sure you’re surrounded by your ideal clients. Remember networking is not about selling, it’s about relationship building. With the appropriate invitation folks you meet can end up being clients in no time, through your list at some point in time, or directly from that in-person connection. It’s a great way to get your ‘ideal’ clients on your list, rather than just anyone who’d like to be there. Randoms don’t buy, they just hang out or eventually unsubscribe.

Strategy #3


Being interviewed by someone for a podcast series they do regularly, or by online radio shows, are fabulous list-builders. Make sure you have something to invite the audience to experience with you (like a free gift of some kind), so they take that next step to sign up on your website and join your list! Make sure the host’s listenership is there (so you’re not talking to thin air), and that they serve the same community as you do. These audios are often posted also on Itunes which creates way more visibility for you!

Woohoo! There are soooo many more! It’s important – in fact VITAL – that you choose a couple of methods that work best for you and do them well, rather than spread yourself too thinly. You don’t want to burn out, with little results.

I’ll be sharing MORE strategies with you shortly, so keep an eye out.

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