3 List-Building Strategies That Work!

by Louise Crooks

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!List-building or building that intimate community – you want to nurture for that moment they are ready to work with you – can be pretty exciting right? And possibly a little daunting…? I want to share 3 ways you can […]

Distractions, distractions… All around us, everywhere!

by Louise Crooks

Call them what you like: ‘shiny bright objects’, ‘magic bullets’, your to-do list, your family priorities etc… These things often get in the way of the things we know are most important to us when it comes to growing our practices, and doing what we’ve been called to do. When you have an important goal, […]

Intentional Self-Care & 2 Types of Rest

by Louise Crooks

Self-care is so important to maintain your health and inspiration and to support having a thriving business. It’s an area many helping professionals don’t pay a lot of attention to – so please be intentional and decide what you’re going to do to take time out and relax and enjoy… Remember we can’t pour from […]

Tips to Step Back, Dive In and Feel Good

by Louise Crooks

In light of creating ease while you dive back into work – here are few things to keep in mind to make your stepping into ‘the back to school’ experience feel GOOD: Create a daily ritual to support your inner wellbeing (meditation, quiet time, reading, walking). Pay attention to what you’re eating, and make sure […]

Breaking the Visibility Curse of the Conscious Entrepeneur

by Louise Crooks

Many conscious business owners who live, eat and breathe what they do because they are so passionate about it, want to make it work, and do the best they can in this lifetime….  are cursed. It’s a curse that many have cast upon themselves.  Yes it’s true. It is this desire to be visible, to […]

Start Planning & Create Tangible Prosperity This Fall

by Louise Crooks

So if you’re feel like you’re in slow mode for the summer that’s fine – you want to be able to enjoy and relax and have some downtime. It’s important. So you’re renewed for the Fall and all the busy-ness it brings. It’s the perfect time right now to start planning if you haven’t already. […]

Two Tips to Help You Get Started Again in September

by Louise Crooks

While we continue to build our businesses, even during the summer, we want to make sure we’re creating time to have fun, relax and create inner peace. It’s really important so that now as September is here, you’re ready to jump in with both feet and feel refreshed and powered up. If you don’t take […]

Finding Clients When Things Get Quiet

by Louise Crooks

How would you like a couple of tips on getting a few clients in the door while things are quieter, so you still have cash flow coming in during what some people call the summer ‘slow-down’. That’s key right?! Look at the areas in your business, where you might see low hanging fruit. Where there […]

Consciously Building Your Life-Style Business – Quick Tip

by Louise Crooks

During this summer, I planned on working a 3 day week, so I can really kick back and enjoy. I really encourage you to do the same! I’ve found over the years as I’ve been running my business, that in the times where everyone is generally slowing down and having fun, it is the perfect […]

Eliminate  the ‘one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake’ syndrome – in your biz.  (Let  me tell you how…)

by Louise Crooks

Everyone experiences this, much of the time when it comes to how we move forward (or don’t) in our businesses.

Have you noticed how you want to create something or make something happen, and there is this inner opposing force wanting to do the opposite, create resistance and procrastinate?

opposing forces

It’s almost like having two people in one driving seat – one with the foot on the gas and the other with their foot on the brake.

Do you ever feel like that?

I’d like to say that if you’re conscious of it, you’re more aware and have more choice around your behavior, but the truth is that when you have this awareness of this duality existing inside of you , it can feel more frustrating – because you know that YOU are the one getting in the way. No one else.