Solving the ‘No Client Syndrome’ Once and For All!

by Louise Crooks

How many do you have?

It’s a simple question right? But this is where many of my clients get quiet when I ask that question in our opening meeting. And they whisper their number to me. Sometimes it’s 0, sometimes it’s just a couple.

And up to that point they’ve been pretty bullish about what they do in the world, and how they can help everyone with their modality – coaching or specific healing method. And that this is the only way.

It’s the only way to remain BROKE. (how can you be of service if you’re broke, right?)
Sorry – I know it sounds harsh. But it’s important you hear this.

And everyone is a lot of people! Almost 7 billion I believe.
Pretty overwhelming if you’re thinking of trying to reach all of them.

And believe me, there are some in there you would definitely not like to work with – in fact you’d probably hate it!!
(I’ve had my share of those kinds of clients in the past – where I could feel that ick feeling in the pit of my stomach before I got on a call with them. NO MORE though – I love the clients I work with!)

When you come out of your training – you’re in love with what you’re doing, you’ve learnt a new language and you just want to share it with the world. I get it, I was once there too. It feels sooo good.

However from a marketing perspective – it actually doesn’t serve you or your potential clients…

Because you lose them with your lingo and explanations about your methodology, and the broad way you approach them… being the expert to all, makes people lose trust in you and the possibility of what you can do for them.

You know that phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’? That’s what they feel when you approach them from the angle of wanting to serve everyone.


Here are 7 things you need to know to get more clients.

1) Establish your expertise.
2) Create your niche.
3) Start taking a stand again for what you believe in and have an opinion about. (yes – scary I know)
4) Be selective about who you want to work with. (soul-alignment I’m talking about here)
5) Get back down to their level – with laymen’s language (we can get caught up in high-level language from our training).
6) Figure out what their problems are. (you think you know, but it’s often too broad, or you haven’t gone deep enough)
7) Start hanging out with them, and NOT your colleagues. (common mistake!)

I hate seeing so many folks out there who are doing coaching and healing work, struggle in their business because they are not taking a closer look at how they put themselves out there, and how they create visibility to connect with clients.

Sadly the training schools where we learnt nutrition, or acupuncture or coaching (whatever your modality is), don’t teach us how to grow our business, or how to market ourselves. Well, most don’t – I’m happy to see some are starting to include it, but even then it’s very basic. And it’s not like we can download the information into our brain, like they were able to do with Neo in The Matrix!

It’s a process of discovery. A journey of sorts. Sometimes it’s fast, and sometimes it’s slower. You can help speed up that journey by proactively seeking support in uncovering your niche, and all the pieces I mentioned above. They are all part and parcel of the same thing. All extremely important if you want to succeed.

When you do this – not only will you have a much stronger chance of having a FULL practice, and a really decent income to live on, but you’ll also be helping way more people, and feeling really great and confident about what you’re doing in the world.

If you’re ready to be courageous and make a commitment to the success of your practice, I invite you to schedule a time to connect with me, at no cost. If you’re ready to have 5, 10 or 20 clients in your practice, there are key steps you need to take, and I’m super ready to take you through them.

Call me the lamplighter – as I light your path to clarity and focus, giving you the tools to using your business as a sacred vehicle to get clients. Simply email us and request a time for you and I to connect.

Creating Key Referral Partnerships – a Powerful Way to Grow your Practice!

by Louise Crooks

Creating partnerships with key referral partners is like networking on steroids. It really is strategic visibility and business building. Instead of doing the regular one-on -one connections where you’re hoping that person will work with you some time soon, or buy one of your products, you’re up-leveling your game, and looking to build relationships with key partners who are a natural fit for you and who you serve, and vice versa and will send you clients!

you don't have to do all the heavy lifting

This means you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting, when it comes to getting clients! Getting clients one at a time, can be time consuming and soul-destroying. Although some of you are happy to do it that way. That’s ok. But for those who want to leverage their time, reach more people to make more of a difference, and earn more – key referral partnerships for you! You don’t need to do ALL the heavy lifting.

Let’s give an example here of one of my past clients who is a doctor and health coach, who decided to partner with a local gym / fitness club. Each week she would be on their premises at certain times to see the gym’s clients for health coaching. The beauty of this was that she didn’t need her own premises, and they were swallowing all the costs of utilities, rent AND marketing. She was helping them give way more value to their clients by offering something they did not do themselves. And at the same time she could recommend her personal clients to the gym as a place for them to exercise and get what they needed when it wasn’t something she could provide for them.

There’s a Caveat:
You don’t need to have a reciprocal arrangement though. Sometimes we get caught in thinking this is necessary. It could just be a financial arrangement where she could be paying the gym a specific commission for each person she sees. Or that she is paying a one-off fee per month for using their premises. Personally I think, the commission is better, because the gym will be more engaged in promoting her services.

So the beauty is that each partnership can look very different. You get to decide what the parameters of that relationship will look like.

Here are a few key things to take into consideration when you set something like this up:
1. Do they serve the same audience? (This is MOST important)
2. Do they have the same values and mission as you?
3. Do you feel energetically aligned with them as someone you’d like to deal with?
4. Does the arrangement or set up suit you? (this is a two-way decision)
5. Are you clear on what you want from the partnership?
6. Is there a win-win-win? (for you, the partner, and your /their community)
7. Do you have an agreement? (depending on the arrangement – do you need one?)

Those are just a few thoughts – I know there are more! (feel free to add in the comments below)

One of the key factors I point out (see below), is making sure you serve the same audience, so that it makes sense to partner with them. I sooooo often see folks randomly agreeing to work with a partner, when what their partner is doing is so unsuited to their own audience. We can get wowed just by being asked, particularly at the beginning stages in our business.

Another is having clarity about WHO your audience is – in other words your NICHE. This means a specific group of people with a very clear challenge or problem you’re able to help them solve. Your partner might support them in a different way – but have the same audience. So it makes sense to connect and work together. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE you want to get clear on before you start trying to partner with folks – otherwise you’ll be working hard without getting much return for your efforts.

If you’d like to find out more about how to get clear on your audience / potential clients – the people you serve and want to work with, I’m excited to share that you have the opportunity to access a short and sweet video series called: 3 Niching Snafus guaranteed to Sabotage your Marketing efforts I’m sure you’ll find them insightful! Click on the link, so I can share the first one with you straight away.

Snafu #1
Wouldn’t it be awesome to work with folks you’re truly aligned with and feel excited to connect with – AND have 2 or 3 specific funnels of clients being sent to you? That’s what’s possible when you kick your networking and relationship building into high gear.

In the meanwhile, let me know what you thought about this post! :)

And if you’re interested in filling your practice with ease and alignment and want to get out the struggle of: not knowing what to do next, putting the cart before the horse, and inconsistent income, then feel free to click on the Voicemail button to the right of this page, and let me know that you’d like to connect and what your particular challenge is. You might even want help defining your niche or how to create natural referral partnerships for yourself. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear from you.

Is having more than one focus in your business ok?

by Louise Crooks

You might be wondering if you’re trying to niche, what you’re doing. And if having more than one focus is ok. Or even more than one business. And often the truth is that if you have more than one focus in your business, what you end up doing is almost like running two businesses. Whether it’s more than one niche focus or more than one business – we’ll take a look at these separately because they are a bit different.

For example, if you’re a coach focusing on more than one key result with your clients ie: life purpose, planning a career and getting through divorce, then yes, you’re ultimately hurting yourself by giving yourself what essentially becomes too many areas of focus. It will feel like you’re running more than one business – you’ll need to set up 3 separate email lists, 3 separate newsletters, 3 different websites and go to different networking groups and so the list goes on. It will feel like a lot of work, and is a recipe for burnout. And if you’re trying to do it all from one website, or one newsletter – then you’re being too broad or generic in your messaging, and quite possibly confusing to your audience – and the end result will be watered down – in other words, pretty disappointing. Folks will unsubscribe or just not open your emails, or not follow through on calls-to-action in your messaging. The broader your messaging the less likely folks will see you as the go-to expert for their particular issue or challenge. If this is something you’re doing or dealing with, please know you’re not alone. This is a very common challenge and something a lot of my clients are facing when they first come to me. Part of the challenge is picking that one focus, right?

which door

Another example is, if you’re a nutritionist, and you’re wanting to support clients with cancer, and with IBS, then again it becomes a lot of work – almost like running two businesses – even though it’s under the umbrella of nutrition, and even if you were serving the specific target market of women in mid-life. It’s still too much. It doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t do both, BUT that you do one first – really nail it so that that business is doing well, and then expand into the other area later. By then you’ll have a team who can help you run a business that is multi-dimensional, and not be trying to do it all yourself and you’ll have built up credibility and a following as an expert in one area.

If you’re a naturopath, and you specialize in women dealing with infertility – and you have a few different focuses with helping these women who are dealing with polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and unexplained infertility. They all fall under the same umbrella of infertility, but they are close enough to feel like you can serve this market. Again it is important to remember that each group is still different with different challenges, but it is possible to serve them all at the same time, but I would still start with one, and then branch out from there. This is where it gets a little tough to decide the route that you want to take – but I say simplify, and keep it narrow, and the clients will come.

Who says we need to work like maniacs to have a full practice? I don’t think we do. If we keep things simple, our messaging, our marketing and all the things we do in alignment with our focus becomes much less work! We are seen as an expert who folks see as someone truly understanding their issue. If you say you do more than that, and try and be all things to all women dealing infertility – that message becomes diluted.

IMPORTANT: This is for visibility and marketing purposes. It doesn’t mean to say that if someone approaches you who is dealing with an issue that is similar but not the same as your niche, is not going to be a great client – you can say YES to that person if you choose to.

Here’s where we get to ask whether having more than one business is a good idea. If you’re starting 2 or 3 businesses at the same time, then I would say no. Because you’re fixing to have a heart attack or stomach ulcer with all the work that would take. Unless you’re one of those people that can work 24/7 and thrive on that stress that will bring and still create results. I would say that’s 0.5% of the population. Not so much for us in the soul-opreneur community!

Remember the 80/20 principle? Either 80% work equals 20% result or 20% work equals 80% result – well in this case it would definitely become the former. Your efforts would be so diluted in each business, it would be hard to make any one of them a successful one. IF HOWEVER you work on one at a time, give it your full focus and create one success first THEN you’re ready to open your next one, and have a team to help you take care of the details of the first one as you start your second. So if you have a few businesses that are all limping along, this could very well be the reason. Stick with one, put the others on the backburner, and go for it in a committed and BIG way.

This becomes about time, money and response. So you’re not spending a lot of time and money spinning your wheels. And at the same creating a responsive audience who are waiting for your next communiqué . When you have that clear focus or niche, your clients will be finding you!

Let me know what you think below if you have any thoughts and comments. I always love to hear what you have to say.

Money Triggers – the Good Kind!

by Louise Crooks

Visibility and marketing in your business are necessary activities you want to make sure you’re doing to be seen, spread your message and build your email list. They also help you fill programs and sell products right? However doing them strategically is what counts! And as we march into the final part of 2013 let’s give ourselves the best chance to have a smashing finish! What do you say?

Planning what you’re doing in your business is really helpful. I know you know that already. If you’re not practicing this, then it’s time! It will make a huge difference. Haphazard activities really just bring inconsistent results. Reality is that if you plan what you’re doing in your business, you’ll have much more control around the flow of income into your business. It’s possible that this might be up and down for you, as it has been for me in the past. So let’s do away with all the stress that that brings!

Let’s look at the remainder of the year, seeing as this is where we are. Of course you can apply this at anytime in your calendar.

So what is a Money Trigger? It’s a time in your business when you’re doing something that specifically brings in income over a designated period of time. For example if you’re going to run a program and launch around a specific time frame eg: 15th to the 30th of September, then during that time is when you’ll see income coming into your business.


Think about other money triggers you might have in your business. It could be a fire-sale where you sell all your products and programs at a discounted price over a period of a few days. Or when you promote a product.
You might even be able to predict how much income you might generate during each of those promotions. It helps to set a goal each time, so you know what you’re shooting for. And experience will also teach you what is possible each time.

Make a list of all the things you do in your business to generate income. Specific things that are Money Triggers.
Now you’re ready to look at your calendar for the last few months of the year. Get a nice blank schedule. Print one out if you need to. Decide which Money Triggers you want to use and when. You’ll start to see where income could flow into your business and how you can create that proactively and with thought. And once you’ve done that, you can start working on the activities and marketing that need to take place to support them.

If you’re doing this intentionally for the first time, just be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too many Money Trigger goals. The key is to have a few and see how you go. Do a few and do them well.

Intentionality plays a huge part in having effective results. When you get clear you’ll see that the vibration and the focus helps the universe align itself with your desires. And when you have a path in front of you that’s clear, it becomes much easier when you know what you need to do. Don’t deviate from the plan (unless something needs reviewing or changing) and don’t get distracted by other ‘opportunities’, as it will pull you from the path of doing to support your end goals. Those shiny bright objects can really get in the way.

I’d love to hear what your Money Triggers are, when you PLAN to bring income into your business. Or your thoughts about this topic. Comment below.

I was fired… (sometimes it feels like we don’t get to choose our path)

by Louise Crooks

Yes, I was. It was my 2nd job out of university in South Africa – and quite frankly one I didn’t like at all and was completely unsuited to – doing admin in a small office for small manufacturing concern. What hurt was that I was conscientious and always wanted to do what I did well – so when the day came when my boss pulled me into his office on the Friday after everyone had left, and handed me my last paycheck, I was gob-smacked.

Normally I would have things to say. I can be a talker, and I can give as good as I get. But, I was so stunned, I just left, not saying much and I don’t think I even asked why. Ok, I was 20 or 21 at the time, so a little naïve. But I was definitely in deep shock.

I went to a lawyer, and we undertook a path to sue for unfair dismissal. And on the day of my first appearance in court – I was a wreck. I was literally shaking like a leaf. I learnt the process was going to take a year, to be resolved even though the law was on my side.

My ego took a severe knock. Self doubt crept in. I felt incompetent and unsure of myself. I wasn’t sure of the value I provided. You can imagine the thoughts spiraling in my head. I was still not clear on why it had happened. No reason was given. So it felt like there was nothing to learn from, except the assumptions that crept in based on supposition.

One of my clients recently shared a similar experience. She hadn’t been fired, but she had been strung along by an organization that was reviewing her contract with them, and then let her go, after being asked not to look at working with any other clients during that time. Devastating. And not clear on the real reasons it worked out the way it did.

angel despairAgain, anger, self doubt, lack of confidence, thoughts spiraling – was it the pricing, was it what she was offering, was it, was it, was it…? And with no other clients to fall back on, this was a horrible situation to be in. Again another court case. And the heavy energy of all of that, holding her back with making strides forward. And questioning everything she planned to do – putting her in that ‘stuck’ place many of us are familiar with.

I dropped my court-case. I knew that feeling that way for a whole year, to get ‘justice’ wasn’t going to serve me. I’m proud of my 20 year old self for making that decision. I wanted to move on, and put it behind me. And I did. (maybe we’re more resilient at that age?) It was a choice made probably more from the fear of feeling that way, rather than how I wanted my future to look. But I’m glad I made that choice because it allowed me to move forward quickly.

So my client, just as I did, saw how the experience of the past was creating really dark muggy energy that wasn’t allowing her to move forward. Especially because she wasn’t clear on the ‘why’s’. When reminded of the value she brought to her clients, the difference she makes in their lives, and the potential of what was to come in her future… things shifted dramatically.

A new day.

Your past whether distant or recent can have the power to stop you – but only if you let it. What happened might not even have had anything to do with you. And if you know the ‘why’s’ you can choose to learn from them. But then you get to make a choice to look at all the good you’ve done and can do, and not let that ONE situation taint all the rest. Your future is bright if you ALLOW it, and consciously LET GO of the past. Just that singular intention can do so much.

What do you need to let go of to move forward?

REMINDER: You are an angel on earth, doing amazing things, and impacting lives. Don’t let your past stop you from what you’re truly meant to be doing.

Blogging is the Bees Knees

by Louise Crooks

If you look at every leader in your community’s website, you’re almost guaranteed to find that they have a blog.

There are many reasons to have a blog. Some are more obvious and some are not and may not have been something you’ve thought of before.

So I’m going to share 6 reasons why you might consider having a blog as a way to build credibility, loyal fans and your email list!

Reason #1: Your Expertise is Spotlighted

Have you noticed that when you want to learn more about the person you’re following, you’ll go to their blog to read and find out some of the gems they are sharing? And if you receive their newsletter, chances are their article will have a link leading you to their blog, where you get to read the whole article. You’ll notice at the bottom of the blog post that it recommends similar posts, and so you’ll find yourself clicking around to read various articles. And sooner or later you either super impressed, or..not. It gives you insight into whether you really want to pay attention to this person, if you really value the information their sharing, and whether you want to keep an eye open for other information or emails they are sending you, as well as the offerings they are inviting you to. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal, and perhaps not a so obvious reason for having a blog. It really helps folks to know who you are and the value you provide, and engenders trust. So ‘booyah’ to that one!!

bees to honey
Reason #2: You’ll Attract your Tribe to your Site, like Bees to Honey
When you blog, the search engines LOVE it – it provides new material, and they will be buzzing away, looking for the keywords (tags) you’ve used, as well as headlines etc, that they find attractive. It puts you in the spotlight on the pages of Google and you’ll be ranked higher because of your activity. Making sure you SEO your posts is most important to attract your ideal clients to you, and to your website. That way those in your tribe can find you and find out more about you.

Reason #3: You get to leverage Articles from your Newsletters

As I mentioned in #1 most folks will have a link leading them from your newsletter to back to your blog. It’s possible that you’re writing articles for your newsletter, and not doing any further with them. It’s a wasted opportunity. It’s a way to leverage something you’ve already done. And as above it will give people a reason to go to your website to read more about you, and more about what you’re able to do for them. Definitely a good move. So make your articles ‘sticky’!  ;)

Reason #4: You have an Interesting Destination to invite Folks to

When you write a blog post, you are creating ‘buzz’ about what you do, something interesting you have to say about a particular topic, or something exciting going on like an event. With a blog, you can set it up to automatically tweet, and post your new post out to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any number of Social Media sites, as well as those who’ve landed on your site and just subscribed to your blog. When you do this regularly, you’ll create interest in things you’re doing regularly and give folks on those platforms something to look out for. It’s also a way to get their attention! If they are getting to know you on those platforms, it’s an opportunity for them to click the link to your blog post, and be sent over to your site! What happens when they get to your site? They will explore your site, and if they like the nectar they’ve found, chances are they’ll choose to jump onto the mother-load and enter their name and email to download your free gift. That means they have joined your inner community – your email list. Woohoo! You get to continue communicating with them – they are ready to hear more from the Queen Bee! You can get really proactive with this by posting links to your blog posts on various social media platforms to drive traffic to your site – and it’s super easy.

Reason #5: Flex that writing muscle!

If you love writing this is a fabulous way to do it – to communicate with your tribe regularly, give value, and enjoy the experience of writing using your creativity, and having fun with graphics to depict your point. A blog can be the fuel for other products you can create! Just think if you wrote 2 or 3 posts every week for a year, you’d have enough material for a book, or a few e-books. Remember you get to leverage or optimize everything that you do in your business. I love that. It makes life much easier and stops you from reinventing the wheel whenever you’re ready to do something new – because chances are you have a few gems tucked away already. So start burning those bees wax candles and get writing.

Reason #6: Have a Conversation with your Tribe

The people who comment on your blog are people who are often the most intimate with your work – either they are on your email list, or subscribed to your blog. You get to have a two-way conversation based on the comments by answering and engaging with them. It’s even more important than the interactions you might have on social media – because most of the time these people are already a fan of your work, and it’s easier to keep those in your community engaged, than attracting new ones into the hive. You get to hear what they think, what their challenges are, and what they think of your information and your personal thoughts on that information. It’s a great way to connect with your peeps with more depth, as well as the new people you’re attracting to your site.


Ok, I’m sure there are more, but I wanted to give you some insights to help you get started if you’ve been thinking about doing blogging as a visibility strategy. As you see it’s so much more than that.
Let me know what you think, or if you have some other reasons to have a blog, I’d love to hear them. Post in the comment section below. And don’t forget to SHARE!  :)  Bzzzz Bzzz.

Energetic Alignment equals Powerful Results in your Soul-opreneur Business

by Louise Crooks

‘Where Focus goes, Energy flows’

I never got how true this was until very recently. In my head I knew it was true, but I guess energetically I didn’t in this truly much deeper sense (you’ll see as you keep reading). This is something we all really should pay attention to in a BIG WAY – because it could mean make or break with what you doing.

My client (with permission) said this to me on Monday: ‘ “My people” keep showing up … I love it! I’m ready to show up for them.’

This is a huge shift for this client. She is ready to show up for them. I can see it in her energy, in her action, in her attitude, in her mindset, and in her focus in her business. It’s all aligned.

Part of it came from a ‘I’ve had enough of things not being the way I had hoped them to be’; ‘I’m sick of myself, saying I’m going to do something and not doing it, and wondering why nothing happens’; getting out of the ‘busy-ness’ of focusing on what isn’t serving her business to move into this flow; and shifting the thoughts of lack and self-worth that were holding her back and getting really connected to the value she provides. And sometimes you just have to get to that point, to make a decision about how you’re going to show up!


And boy did she!! Woohoo, she has a new client, and strategy sessions are starting to come out of the wood-work. She is aligned and in flow.


Another client (with permission) recently said to me that she ended up in burn-out a few years ago, because she wasn’t energetically aligned. The universe was hitting her over the head with a 2 by 4, but she hadn’t been listening. She said up to that point, NOTHING WAS WORKING. And as soon as she stopped it all, took time out and listened to her inner guidance, everything started to line itself up in support of her highest good.

I see this in myself too. If I’m feeling resentful, tired, or grumpy in general, things don’t go well. When I’m in joy, focus, alignment with my true self and desires, the energetic alignment happens and things start to flow.
So the point here is…. If you’re doing all the ‘right’ things in your business, but it’s not working – there could be something in this…

Bringing all parts of you to your business is crucial for positive flow to happen. That means spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. This is why creating balance as you work on your business, is also so important – because it balances the integration of all parts of you in what you do. If you just bring one area to your business, it feels lopsided and doesn’t feel good, and reflects in what shows up – less clients, feeling exhausted, frustration etc. And guess what that brings more of…

Here’s something else I want you to think about. Visibility is a key aspect to growing your business – and you need to be in ‘right’ action as you do it, aligned, and focused. Many have resistance to doing things around marketing and creating visibility in their business because there isn’t that alignment. That has a knock on effect to everything you’re doing, and the results you’re seeing or in this case not seeing. Exploring what that looks like is a deeper exploration, but I just want you to think about this, so you ask yourself if what you’re doing is a lot of ‘shoulds’ rather than focused and aligned strategies to be seen or connect with potential clients.

A whole lot of alignment in the ‘being’ and ‘doing’ in your business!

It applies to everything. Here’s to you being in FLOW.

Are there Ugly, Mindset Monsters Hiding under your Desk?

by Louise Crooks

Wow, it’s time to really see what’s hiding under your desk, and see if those ‘monsters’ are stopping you from getting ahead!


One of my clients (an integrative doctor) who has been doing The Business Springboard program with me recently, revealed how this program had helped her conquer one of her big fears – of stepping into the spotlight and speaking to a large audience of people. That the interviews we had been doing, and the guidance she had been getting had broken the ‘seal’, and now had given her the confidence to do many more! I was flabbergasted. Not once had this mindset monster come up in our coaching together. If this ‘monster’ had shown is ugly head, we could have dealt with it a lot sooner!! He was hiding wayyyy back in the corner under her desk, and hadn’t revealed itself until now. Of course it’s important to celebrate her breakthrough! And it was a huge reminder to me that all my clients – did you notice, I said ALL my clients, have stuff that comes up that stops them from moving forward! Those monsters lurking under each of their desks!

There are quite a few monsters lurking that we are often unaware of, and sometimes we are very aware of, but don’t realise how much they are sucking our energy up and getting in the way of the results we’re wanting to create!

Here’s another… one of my clients was happily working hard, in getting more education in her modality (coaching in this instance), and getting herself ‘organized’ and on the other hand freaking out that income wasn’t coming into her business because she wasn’t getting the clients. The monster hiding under her desk, was the fear of putting herself out there, connecting with real human beings, and dealing with the possibility of rejection whether in person, on the phone or even in social media. We gave that monster some love, and TLC and now the loving fairy godmother of Visibility is embracing all the opportunities my client has in front of her and it’s exciting to see what’s now happening for her!

Here are a few more instances where the business monster hiding under the desk is messing with your business success eye

Another client (a coach), came to me with many of the right things created in her business. She had a great foundation, a clear niche, and a fabulous can-do attitude. Give her anything and she, the work-horse, would have it done in no time flat! BUT, she was working hard, and there were two things missing aside from some tweaks we made to her signature program. There were two monsters hiding under her desk – one was the financial monster – not being a space of belief that abundance was available to her. And the other was the monster of not believing that her personal life ie: time to have fun, and self-care, were paramount to her well-being and the success in her business. As soon as she learned to love these monsters, which turned out to be more like fluffy bears, she had more time for herself, reconnected with her friends, AND is making 5 times more per month than she was when we first started working together!

The monster lurking under another client’s desk (another coach) was that didn’t have a belief in her own value – the clear benefits of what she provided her clients with, and this monster just had her paralysed. She just couldn’t move forward with anything, and a lot of the time was spending money in a hap-hazard way hoping that the programs she was buying would solve her problem for her. She was stuffing her monster with ‘magic pills’, except none of them were working. When we gave her monster the love he needed, we found out that it was really clear what her value was and how her clients could really benefit from the healing work she was doing. In fact there were a few tears of joy when we sat in the realisation of that. Now she is owning that niche, like nobody’s business! Her message is clear and outlined beautifully. And that monster upped and left a while back. He used to pop up often, but we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him for a long time.Monsters_Dance_Green

The final monster I’d like you to meet today, is the monster of Comparison! Have you met him? One, no actually three of my clients (a coach, a hypnotherapist, and a osteopath) have met him regularly. I’m many of us do, including myself, but we really want to turn this one into a cuddly pudding. My one client was telling me that she had been speaking to someone who was doing telesummits and amazing things, in the same niche she was, and she immediately went into beating herself from here to Sunday on how she should be must further ahead, and what’s wrong with her etc etc. That yucky monster was really having his way with her! Another client, was also having this Comparison monster sneak up on her when she wasn’t looking – when she kept making plans to do things in her business, that were way too soon – like having a 3 day event, when she didn’t have 3 one on one clients yet. She saw the leaders of our industry as these icons to emulate, and wanted it all now. So here’s the thing – in both instances, it became clear after giving this monster lots of love, recognising that he needed acknowledgement and to matter, that those people doing amazing things, had got there over years of experience and the path they have travelled to get there. It wasn’t an overnight experience, where one day they decided to get started, and the next day they were on stage with a thousand people sitting there watching them. No, it took years for them to get there. That monster became a cuddly bear when those clients realised their journey was unique, and there was no need to keep comparing themselves to others. In fact it was exciting to see that they could create their OWN path.

So we’ve discussed a few mindset monsters that lurk under the desk in the dark, when you’re not looking, today. Keep an eye out and see if any others pop up – there are many different species. Every soul-driven business owner, experiences these on a daily basis. Remember though, when you acknowledge that they are present, when you confront and give them love and attention, you’re sure to turn them into cuddly bears that support you on the journey of growth and success, guaranteed , or they move out never to return.

What monster has been lurking under your desk? You’ll have an inkling I’m sure.

Post a comment below and share your experiences. I’d be delighted to support you in the exposing of those monsters, who really just need a little love and attention. :)

3 Tips to a Full Practice through the Summer Lull

by Louise Crooks

Did you know that summer is a time, when business starts to dwindle – folks are out there having fun in the sun, with their families, and are not thinking so much about their healing, growth, or coaching. They want to chill out, kick back and not think too much about anything too serious. Well most, that is.

So the key is to do the work, before it gets to that stage to get your clients lined up and signed up before the lull hits. When they sign up now, it’s likely that they will continue to work with you through the summer months, but if you catch them later, it’s less likely to happen. Make sense?

Here’s to you having a steady income through the summer months and into the fall!

So hiding in your office isn’t going to cut it. And yes, even though the aircon might a tempting deterrent to leaving it. ;)

This is so important and because so many keep telling me they don’t have enough clients – I decided to create a challenge to help prepare you for the Summer!!

Are you ready for it?…. DRUM ROLL…

It’s called The 30 Clients in 30 Days Challenge

Essentially what this means, is that you get to participate in scheduling 30 client strategy sessions in 30 days. Chances are you’ll come out with 5 or 10 clients if you did that. Of course it depends on your enrollment skills, so I’m being conservative. What would it be like to even just have 2 or 3 new clients? Would it be worth the effort?

I’m thinking I’m hearing a big resounding YES!


The challenge starts on June 17th. If you’re excited to participate and get on a roll, then make sure you’re signed up on my website (see the opt-in box to the right of the page) so you get receive notifications and details, to get you started! Make a note in your calendar, and keep an eye on your inbox.

30 day challenge

We’ll have a special Facebook group set up especially for you, filled with eager and committed participants – all like-minded soul-opreneurs like you. It will be a lot of fun. You’ll get to learn from each other’s strategies, get inspiration, learn from each others challenges as well as celebrate successes!

And it’s FREE! Yay!

I did this last year, and it was a hoot! And so exciting to see folks signing up clients left and right. The energy is infectious – you’ll see.

Ok, let’s get down to sharing those 3 powerful tips with you, so you can get a head start, or start preparing for what’s to come!

1) Get in front of people!
Where do your ideal clients hang out? This is a key aspect of being VISIBLE. Make a plan to either network or speak in front of them ASAP. When you start connecting with them in person, and particularly as an expert (when you’re speaking), the trust starts to build immediately, and far quicker than by phone, or online.
Find out where your potential clients gather locally – through networking groups, support groups, associations and make plan to connect with them.

2) Reach out to those you’re already connected to!
Whether you met them at one of those groups, or these are people already in your community – reach out to them for a conversation. Follow up with those you’ve just met. Set up a time to have a conversation to get to know them, and find out more about them and the challenges they face in the area you work in. Following up, is one of the areas many soul-opreneurs fall down in. They do such a great job in the connecting and making new friends, and rarely take it to the next step. I know it, I’ve been there too! Have a system in place to do that, so that it’s part of your routine. And reach out to clients you’ve worked with in the past – they are already convinced at how great your coaching, or acupuncture or hypnotherapy is (or the modality you do). Make it worth their while to say yes again. It costs time and money to find new clients, so this might be where you give your old clients a little financial break, or better yet a bonus or incentive. Whatever you do, the first step is having a conversation with them.

3) Come at these conversations from the heart.
Let go of an agenda of having them as a client, even though you’ve set that overall intention. Set the intention in those meetings for the highest good to come out of it for them and for you, and then let it flow. When you express genuine interest and concern for their wellbeing, taking it to the next step will not feel like you’re coercing or selling, and you get to be in alignment with your soul and what your purpose is in the world. By having a strategy session, they might not decide to work with you right then, but it’s likely they will work with at some point. And if it is an enrollment conversation as opposed to a ‘get to know you’ conversation, make sure to ask for their business!

The key is in the follow up after you make these wonderful connections. Follow up, follow up, follow up.

Create your plan, make a commitment and see the magic happen. And if you want real forward momentum, inspiration, and more assurance of powerful results – join us in the special CHALLENGE.

I’d love to hear your comments below! :)

Louise x

P.S. If you’d like to use this article for your blog or ezine, feel free to do so without changing its content, and including this: ‘This article was written by Louise Crooks – The KeystoClarity! Coach, holistic business coach, author and radio show host, working with healing and helping professionals to build their businesses, create visibility, and have a full practice of clients. Go to to learn more.’

Ready to Create your Juicy Freebie?

by Louise Crooks

JuicyOptInGiftFinal web banner

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