Welcome to an Opportunity unlike any other!

One that helps you create an Opt-In Gift/Expert Interview for your website without the hassle of figuring it out on your own.

AND having an expert interviewer to help you build a powerful platform to GROW your business. Bringing out the best of YOU and displaying it the world. Creating credibility, highlighting your expertise, and attracting your pipeline of ideal clients!

Do you know what it takes to get ’a little bit famous’ and leverage visibility when the opportunity strikes?
Do you know what it takes to build your email list and earn credibility in your unique community?
Do you know what it takes to create an impact the moment someone lands on your website?
Do you know what it takes to ultimately attract new clients, giving them tons of value and a taste of you in the process?
It TAKES having a compelling OPT-IN GIFT in place that few can refuse to leave without!
Let me take you through a customized system that will springboard you and your business towards the visibility and success you’ve been dreaming of!

I noticed to my dismay, that many practitioners and coaches finish their training, do not know where to get started to attract clients to fill their practice, build a community, and often end up struggling to create a successful business. Their training gave them the tools to do what they love, but don’t give the nuts and bolts on how to build a business. A tragic crime in my book!

This personalized program is for coaches, healing professionals, authors & conscious business owners wanting to create a strong client following from the moment they start their business, by getting their message, and expertise out into the world immediately. I am very excited to present this unique opportunity to those willing to step into their greatness, and share their expertise with many.

This program is also for those who are in the early phase of business BUT ALSO for the more established, where an opt-in gift has yet to be created!. Or for someone who’d like to create a different kind of gift. This is for someone who wants to create credibility and a following in their community of potential clients by building their email list with a powerful opt-in gift, (or might decide to offer it as a product to use as a marketing tool or to sell) or would like an expert interview to introduce themselves and what they do to their community and the world.

This program is for someone who has a website but doesn’t have their opt-in gift ready to attract sign ups, or for someone who wants an info product to sell to leverage passive income into their business. The potential is enormous. You get to choose which level is most suitable to you.

There is a good chance you’ve been waiting to acquire the right knowledge to do this, and nothing has changed… You might have been waiting for the right subject matter to get started! You might have been thinking, how to do I share my skills without sounds like a talking head. Or how much should I share without giving away the farm. Maybe you just didn’t quite know where to start! In this program, we’ll brainstorm, ask the right questions and get you on the path to having a valuable product or opt-in gift in a very short space of time!

Having an opt- in gift (or freebie) is the GATEWAY for your business – if you don’t have it, it really amounts to money sitting on the table and a host of clients out there waiting to be helped who don’t know what you have to offer. We want to compel those folks landing on your home page, to take that next step. Without it, they land, and flit off again, never to be seen again! You owe it to them to get cracking! Your knowledge is valuable. Your community needs it, even if they don’t know it yet. You know it. No more waiting around.

If you’re an author, it’s a fabulous way to build a community ready to buy the book your writing or have written and a way for them to get a taste of what your book is about by sharing about yourself, or about topics you’re writing about - a wonderful taster. And I know many of you have publishers demanding you have a community to sell to before they will publish.

I’m passionate about helping soulopreneurs get their message out there, and living a prosperous life at the same time. I believe the universe intends for us to live in abundance along with our clients.

Ready to stop faffing about or waiting around for the ’right time’? Let’s get it done, get you more clients, build your email list, make more income and make more of a difference.

How does it work?

You get to have an EXPERT INTERVIEW. This is where you get to showcase your expertise by choosing a delicious topic that your audience will love, AND sharing your story, so they connect on a deeper level with you.

You get to do that with two different options – the second takes it to another level, that elevates visibility, and creates more trust more quickly. Simple as that. (but with lots of juicy stuff - see below)

With 20 years of interviewing experience, business expertise & coaching Louise brings (allowing her to bring the best out of people to highlight their expertise), as well as these fabulous bonuses, this package is worth the equivalent of $6000 and upwards!

This Program is a UNIQUE one on one experience where Louise personally leads you through the process, to help you have your JUICY and professional opt-in gift created.

The program is available on a first come, first serve basis, as Louise’s time is at a premium, and her schedule will fill up fast over the next few months, based on the tailored and comprehensive experience you’ll be taking. (one of the reasons why it’s not offered regularly!) So make sure to jump on board quickly and get your spot booked.

Are You:
  • ready to build powerful credibility and become VISIBLE in your practice and in your community?
  • serious about taking a huge step towards making a significant impact in many peoples lives?
  • eager to create a successful profitable business, attracting as many pre-qualified clients as you desire?
  • ready to build your list, and have a pipeline of amazing prospects waiting to be invited to become clients and join your programs?


Features Opt-in Gift 3 part Opt-in Gift
In depth questionnaire
Prep session pre-interview 60mins
Prep session pre-interview 2 additional sessions
Social Media Marketing for Show, and Tips to promote yourself.
Expert Radio interview on The Business Springboard Show 45mins
Choice of 3 Expert Interviews on The Business Springboard Show 20-30mins each
Basic edit of audios for gift
Post-interview Marketing Recommendations PDF
Post-interview Email List Building Prep Session  
Recommendations on how to share your audio
Downloadable MP3 and radio show button for website

Payment Options:
(PLEASE NOTE: Doors Close on Friday 11th December
or until first 10 spaces are filled)

Opt-in Gift
3 part Opt-in Gift
1 Easy Payment



6 Easy Payments

$470/per month

$520/per month


If you'd like to take advantage, act now as I can only take a few clients at a time.

Simply go ahead sign up, or email louise@keystoclarity.com for any questions you have, or if you'd like to discuss a payment plan. I appreciate this is an important investment in your business - if you'd like to have a conversation with me about it, just go ahead and schedule a call with me here and we'll decide together if this is the right next step for you.

Be sure to book your spot and make sure your interview is conducted early in the scheduling the schedule for doing the interviews is predicted to fill up quickly. Have a burning question?

I can’t wait to help to springboard you forward in your business so you can start seeing your community building fast.

Just email me or call me directly: 732-391-2675 if you have unanswered questions and want to determine if this program is a fit for you.

To your shining success in the world of health, well-being and transformation!

Louise x

After working as a professional interviewer of doctors, accountants and bankers for 10 years and then hosting a wildly successful radio show for the last 4 years where she continues to interview leaders like Ali Brown, Andrea J Lee, Mary Allen, Michael Port, Lisa Tener and Michael Losier just to name a few, Louise knows what she’s doing, when it comes to bringing the best out in you! AND most particularly with your expert interview or topical opt-in gift or product!

Louise is passionate about supporting conscious business owners in the fields of healing and transformation. Through her own health challenges, and her journey exploring alternative and integrative medicine as well as coaching, it has become her mission to make sure practitioners and coaches like you are successful in your practice so you can help more people with your precious skills. Louise is a successful coach, business mentor and author, providing resources through her coaching, group programs and trainings, as well as her radio show KeystoClarity! Radio and The Business Springboard Show.

P.S. I want you to be absolutely satisfied with your experience in The Business Springboard! I know that by completing the recommended steps and taking action, you will have created an essential piece that will lead to growth within your business.

If at the end of the first six months (from the day of registration) you feel this program is not providing the results you wanted through this experience and you have taken the recommend steps and implemented action, just let me know and I will reimburse whatever portion (or full amount) of tuition you have paid.