21 Days of Inspired Action ~ starting MONDAY!

by Louise Crooks

I am just so excited to be launching this new program.  If you’re already heard about it and want to jump on board, just go straight to www.21daysgroup.com and sign up.

21 days, 21 minutes daily, for just $21 (I know – its a bit of no-brainer isn’t it!? :) )

I don’t have to tell you how vibrationally powerful this program is going to be.  Once your energy is lifted, and your intentions are clear, your action plan is in place, and your friends are cheering you on its hard NOT to succeed.  The flow towards your goals is going to be powerful.

Think of a goal or project you’ve really be meaning to do.  Or something you want to do daily, that you just haven’t managed to create the space for.  Something crucial to the growth of your business, or having a better life!

A couple of participants have already shared what they’re working on:

  • One is doing 21 case-studies for a book she’s writing.
  • Another is working on a poetry manuscript she wants publishing.
  • Two participants are using the calls as support to making calls and reaching out to prospective clients
  • I’m working on a marketing plan for a program I’m launching  (yes, I’m hosting and participating at the same time!)

That’s just a few examples of what’s possible!  So what is it that you want to focus your attention on?
Remember!   ‘What you focus on, expands’

If you’re curious and want to know more – go to www.21daysgroup.com All the details are there.

And just a heads up! because I really want you to succeed and create the results you really want to see -so not only is the price rather agreeable but I’ve set up a private forum on Facebook for the participants.  The conversations I’m having with those who have already signed up and are raring to go  – have been fabulous, and already inspiring!  This means you can connect between the daily calls, and even though we haven’t started yet, there are some wonderful interactions happening there already.  Get your friends to do it with you. Have fun with it.

Doors close for the March program on MONDAY at 12pm ET.   So get signed up straight away.

To your shining and ‘inspired’ success,
Louise x

PS  All the daily calls will be recorded so you don’t miss out and keep the momentum going.

PPS It makes my heart so full, when I see soulopreneurs like you, stepping fully into your own mission and creating the results you’re going for!

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