3 Big Flashing Neons Signs that say you are Ready to Become VISIBLE in your Soul-Driven Business!

by Louise Crooks

Are you ready?  Let’s find out!

The reality is that when you’re growing a business in healing or helping profession, you want to have certain specific foundational pieces in place first!  Like deciding who you’re serving;  having systems in place to run your business effectively – like email management systems, bookkeeping etc; and having step by step strategies to communicate with and enroll clients.

There also comes a time through the evolution of your heart-centered business, when you start to realize you want to maximize what you’re doing, to make a healthy income and attract your ideal clients!  That’s when the light bulb moment happens that says you’re ready to become VISIBLE in your practice, and step into a bigger playing field!

Here are 3 BIG NEON SIGNS to look out for, that indicate that you’re open and ready…

1)       You’re starting to feel frustrated and even a little stuck.  That you have a few clients, but really want more clients – and not only that – your IDEAL clients, to build a solid income  in your business, as well as help more people. You know they’re out there, and that you can help them – but how to connect the dots!? And you want to do something about it.

2)       When you’re thinking – ‘I’m swapping my valuable time for income, and that there is a ceiling to to what I can earn and to how much energy I can give.  I can only do so much when it comes to ‘time’.’  When you recognize that it’s time to reach more people exponentially – and to share programs and products that will help more people at once, and make your business more profitable!

3)      When you recognize you’ve been holding yourself back and perhaps playing small.  This can come from fear or other seemingly feasible excuses.  But you know in your heart, by not stepping out of your comfort zone, that you’re denying those people out there who need your help and support, the opportunity  1) to know that you are there and available, and  2) the education to know that there is a way to be supported with the challenges they face.  That it’s really time to ‘own’ what you do and step out into a bigger playing field.

If you are identifying with any one of these 3 indicators, then you’re ready to step into the SPOTLIGHT and become VISIBLE in your soul-driven business.   And I applaud you for even getting this far, because it’s a courageous step to meaning ‘business’ in running your  business, AND making a difference exponentially.

Now that you know you’re ready! What to do next!?

I want to make it easy for you to take that step. I’d like to invite you to a free call I’m giving TODAY, that’s going to give you the low-down of what it means to be VISIBLE!  And I’ll share pitfalls to avoid, to make the journey an exciting one!  It’s called: Stepping into the Spotlight to Attract your IDEAL Clients. I promise it’s going to be packed with juicy information that you’ll be able to apply straight away.  Click here for more details https://keystoclarity.com/spotlight

VISIBILITY, I believe is crucial to the growth of a service business.  The question is, are you ready?

Make sure to get all the info you need to start you down the path of VISIBILITY  (or to tweak it), join us!  on the Stepping into the Spotlight call today!

I can’t wait to give you all the inside information on this topic!  And help you soar to success with a clear focus and strategy to do that!

Louise x

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