Register For the 30 Day Summer Challenge, including Support Calls, Tweetchats and Updates!

by Louise Crooks

Welcome fellow healers and coaches! I’m thrilled you’re participating in this special 30 Clients in 30 Day Challenge, and I’m excited that you’re ready to get serious (and have fun) about getting a few more clients into your practice over the Summer when things can really start to quieten down. That means you’re taken care of, as you take care of others. Woohoo!

Register Here For the 30 Day Challenge Calls, Tweetchat and Challenge updates!

I hope you’ve had a great start so far! To give you a good boost during this challenge we’ll be doing 3 calls during the 30 days to share powerful tips and techniques to help you get those strategy sessions or consultations set up with more ease, as well as know how to connect with ideal clients to get the ball rolling! Just enter your details below. And if for some reason you can’t make it LIVE (which is best for sure) don’t worry – we’ll send out the recording to you pronto. We’ll also be sending out tips and strategies during the Challenge to support your journey.



Let us know on the wall in the Facebook group what you took away from the calls! We’d love to hear. The more participation the better.

Join the Facebook group if you haven’t yet for the comraderie and fun, and friendly competition, as we watch how everyone is doing, and learn from the strategies they are sharing on the wall.

We’ll also have weekly Monday gatherings on a Tweetchat dedicated to our group – when you sign up you’ll automatically get updates. Schedule time in your calendar for every Monday from 10am -12noon ET to join us.  ‘See’ you there!

More energy, more insight, more confidence, more focused activity = more clients and income, summer relaxation for you, and making a difference to boot!


Here’s to your summer boost, and a full practice!

Louise x



Intention of the Challenge: Help you fill your practice before and over the Summer Lull. Imagine getting 3-5 new clients. And I’m being conservative here, if you get 30 strategy sessions or consultations booked, it could very well be more!

Parameters of the Challenge: To aim for 30 booked strategy sessions or consultations within the 30 day period. It doesn’t matter if the session or consultation takes place outside of the 30 days, just that you’ve booked it.

Energy of the Challenge: To go for it! Play hard, have fun, and connect with like-minded folks who are wanting the same as you. Connection creates the momentum and inspiration to make this work beautifully. The universe aligns when you’re clear and engaged!

Added Energy to the Challenge: I’d like to ask you to spread the word about this Challenge as much as you can in this healing and coaching community! If you’d like any email copy /Social Media posts already created or blurb for your ezine, let us know by emailing . And share the event we’ve created on Facebook! That would rock it for sure. Thanks so much!! :)