Are you ready to GO FOR IT in 2017? (3 tips to help with that!)

by Louise Crooks

Hi there!

I personally can’t wait! It’s going to be a clean slate to show up exactly the way you want to, with the energy that anything you want to accomplish is possible. I just love the feeling of possibility that comes at this time of year.

I’m going to share 3 tips to help make it a BIG YEAR! These are probably things you’ve already heard before, and maybe in a different way – however we ALL need reminders of how to support our forward momentum. I hope you find them useful.

Here are your 3 simple tips to help you GO FOR IT, and accomplish great things in 2017. Woohoo!

Tip 1

Keep things simple!

This might seem like an over–simplified statement, but the truth is that when we take on too much – whether its projects, clients, goals, launches and more – we start to burn out, and are far less likely to accomplish the results you’re looking for.

You know what your capacity is for ‘more’. Listen strongly to the signs that pop up that show that you’re taking on too much, and then take steps to create space for yourself. I’m a big believer in ‘spaceous marketing’ and planning.

Tip 2

Get out of your own way.

This refers to the mind obstacles that we create.They’re like photo bombs, popping up when we least expect it – and believe me they will. Think about how you’re going to support your forward momentum to help you in those moments when you feel stuck, or you know your confidence is down, or there is just something getting in the way and you’re not sure what.

Also look out for the ‘getting all your ducks in a row’ syndrome which prevents us for putting our stuff out there.

And then there’s the ‘bottleneck syndrome’ which stops us from moving forward when we have one roadblock in our way – look laterally at what else can keep you moving forward while you solve that issue.

Tip 3

Create Intentional Action

This means making sure you know what you’re stepping into daily, and weekly. Hopefully by now you’ve done the 2017 year plan, and now you want to break that down into smaller components. When you know what you’re going for, and start to get clear on the steps it will take, you can create space to intentionally step into it.

One of the biggest traps that soul-opreneurs fall into is not planning out the steps for them to follow. It’s called ‘paving the way’. I recommend starting with the next quarter and asking yourself what you’d like to accomplish. Then break that down to months, and weeks.

One of my practices – which many of my clients now do too – is look at your coming week. Do it on Friday, or Sunday evening. By getting clear on what your steps are, and knowing when you want to do them during the week and then scheduling them in – creates the structure and FREEDOM for action and momentum.

CAVEAT: I hate it when I see my calendar so full that it starts to feel like a prison. We want it to create a sense of FREEDOM for you. So if you feel the rebel child rearing up, make sure to create that white space for ‘me time’ in your calendar. This is also where Tip 1 comes in – spaceousness always, and keeping things simple.

Get clear on your top 3 goals for the week, and 3 goals for the day, and this will get you moving in a way that will create a year like you’ve never had before! Spaceousness and baby steps add up to HUGE STRIDES.

If any or all of these tips speak to you, I’d love to hear your comments or questions below.

And if they DO speak to you and you know you really want support to help you stay on track 2017, then consider joining the Soul-opreneur Action Circle. We cover a lot of this, and way MORE to keep you moving forward and going for those big goals.

Soul-Opreneur Action Circle

What is it about? Here’s a brief overview:

  • We start in January.
  • It’s a small intimate group (10 max), meeting twice a month on Zoom – to get coaching, guidance, marketing support, and comraderie. Because of your group peers, your business will grow even faster, as they ask questions you might not have thought of to ask! And then there is the quantum physics around the energy of a group, creating that powerful momentum for you too!
  • We also have an Accountability Day every month – amazing how we get stuff DONE!
  • Plus Office hours (twice a month) for a scheduled 15 mins of laser coaching with me if you need that personal support.
  • How can it get even better than that? I know you are probably wanting that support but might be concerned about investment. To provide what you need to keep you moving in INSPIRED action, the group program is $297 a month, or $2500 if paid in full. Pretty cool, right?!
    No more getting lost in huge group programs, no access to the leader, and crazy pricing, and most of all not getting the results you want.
  • It’s a 9 month program going from Jan to November with breaks built in. It will take you through the most important times of the year – give you the break you need in the Summer – and then help you finish the year in style.
  • I’ll be doing monthly calls for the KeystoClarity community and one of your bonuses will be having access to the recordings of these calls that the larger community will not.
  • A private Facebook Group – for connection, support inbetween calls, and access to recordings and tips and resources.

If you’d like to see if it’s right for you, feel free to hit REPLY or email me at I would love to support you to find out if this is your next best step for a phenomenal 2017!

When we connect, I’ll share further details about the program with you. If it feels like it could be a great fit, just reach out, and we can figure that out together. Absolutely no pressure – I only want folks in the group who are really going to benefit from being there, and not everyone is a fit.

Whatever you decide, I hope you’re getting support to build your wonderful soul-driven business in 2017. It really does take a village. In the meanwhile, Happy Holidays!!!

To your SHINING success, and JOY-filled VISIBILITY,


Louise Crooks

P.S. Three spots are already taken. I encourage you to get in touch with me now, so you can secure yours if this is right for you.

P.P.S. Jackie Foskett of Healing Hypnotherapy says about her experience in last year’s Circle:

Jackie FoskettHaving been a participant in Louise’s 21 Days of Inspired Action groups in the past, I knew how this program could benefit me and my business. Louise’s Soul-opreneur Action Circle is just what I have needed to hone in on my current projects for my business. One of them, being a HUGE book project to prepare for the launching of my book. This program gives me focus, accountability and a platform for all my business’ projects. Louise also provides specific training at the beginning of each coaching call. These training’s are chock full of valuable tools, tips and strategies that will aid you in moving your business forward with more ease and grace. I’m always up for more ease in my business! I love these training’s as well as having a group format to share my victories and challenges, knowing I will be fully supported. As a soul entrepreneur, co-creating in a group works very well for me.

Jackie Foskett – Stress Relief Specialist, Hypnotherapist and Hypnotic Coach
Author of “The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves” and

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