A Guiding Light Has Been Extinguished.

by Louise Crooks

Dr David Simon passed away 2 days ago at the age 60.

Dr David Simon truly was a guiding light to the alternative therapy field in the vast majority of his life. His son Max Simon has become a big part of our coaching and healing community and continues to shine his light, as part of the legacy his father leaves.

His influence in melding Western medicine together with Eastern philosophies and alternative therapies has been hugely impactful. He started his work beyond his allopathic focus, in particular with meditation (way back when it was almost blasphemy to admit it out in the open in front of his peers) and how this could influence one’s health and wellbeing.

He will be sorely missed. However his spirit will continue to spread peace, harmony, love and healing.

As partner to Deepak Chopra in the Chopra Center of Wellness for the last 20 years, Deepak share his touching thoughts, honoring his friend…

Remembering David Simon from Chopra Center on Vimeo.

Remember as you listen and read this, that you are also a guiding light with the work you’re doing. I encourage you to shine your own light strongly and brightly so that you leave a legacy of your own. Every life you impact makes a difference. Your life here on earth can make a difference.

The world is changing. We’re in metamorphosis like a caterpillar in its chrysalis becoming imaginal cells to form a butterfly. You get to be the imaginal cells, of a new world. A pioneer of a new way of thinking.

Whether you are working as a coach or as a healing professional, you are pushing the boundaries, and educating and making inroads. What you’re doing takes courage. Acknowledge yourself for the good work you’re doing and give yourself permission to keep moving forward even when the road feels bumpy, knowing that this is part of the journey.

You inspire me, as Dr David Simon inspired me.

Louise x

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