About Louise

Hi!  I am a life and small business coach, and my mission is to assist service professionals in the health and wellbeing field including coaches, integrated medical doctors, holistic doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and … well you get the picture! – to live the life you envisioned for yourself and your business, in prosperity and making a difference in your patient or clients lives, and in turn making the world a better place!  Life and running a business doesn’t have be a struggle especially when you have support to help you create a business founded on work that feeds your soul, AND creates a wonderful income too!

Abundance is absolutely possible, in fact its there all the time! Sometimes we have hidden beliefs that stop us from embracing the possibilities available to us, and by removing these we can open ourselves up to receiving and become open to the opportunities that are presented to us every day! I call it scrubbing your brain. And by doing that and being given tools, and coaching, it creates a strong foundation to build from – and then success is imminent.

AND imagine having both success AND fulfilment!….. A lot of us have come from some kind of background or working environment, even corporate backgrounds (me being one of them) feeling miserable, needing and craving for something more, wanting to find meaning and fulfillment in what we do NOW. With clarity and support  you’ll exactly what you’re looking for, the end result being able to help and heal more people, having greater impact on the world at large, and creating a lifestyle and business you are excited about!

Part of what we do together is get really clear on what you want!  Curious how that can seem simple, but a lot people out there don’t know what they’re working towards, and end up living life unconsciously day to day.  Often there is a realisation when you feel something is missing, you want more, or you’re numbing out because you feel stuck!  I have great coaching tools and techniques to assist you in creating your ideal life, and opening you up to the possibility that you can and deserve to have your ideal life.  And we can create a picture of what that life looks like!  Its an exciting concept, and I get so excited when I see my clients shift into accessing what makes them feel alive and passionate about life, and then seeing it come to fruition! BUT it will only happen once you create that clear picture.

Here are a few of the specific resources I offer my clients during the coaching process!

* Getting a Facebook Business Page (Fanpage) started.
* Understanding the online marketing /social networking world.
* Insights into the value of having a blog and how to get started.
* How to network effectively in face to face meetings.
* Creating a strong close when enrolling clients without feeling salesy.
* Sharing info on running an online radio show.
* Insights into starting speaking engagements.
* Insights on product creation and repurposing materials.
* Creating a clear marketing plan.
* Creating a clear business plan.
* Processes to deal with the little voice that keeps getting in the way. (you know that one, yes that one! 😉
* Processes to create belief changes.
* If you’re starting out, what to do in the beginning stages of your business!

Here is a fun video to give you some inkling of  the possibilities!

I ALSO work with individuals in transition (when they find me – and they do!), particularly those who are going through a career change or are looking for employment. In my past life, as a recruitment consultant, and I have incredible insight into what works in the interview process and what doesn’t. And again its getting clear on what you’re going for, to be able to make it happen. Without that focus, you and your potential employer are lost. We’ll have you feeling fulfilled and excited to get up in the morning!

I live in New Jersey, in a town called Atlantic Highlands, in the USA.  I live with my husband and my 2 adorable cats.   I was born in England, grew up in South Africa, lived in England for about 10 years, and have lived here now for  nearly 6 years.  And loving it!   I have worked with and supported owners of small business setups/start ups  in a variety of ways but mainly through coaching, and I also worked in recruitment in London dealing with many individuals in transition.  All these experiences gave me a wonderful level of understanding and sense of purpose in what culminated into entering a coaching career!

My training is through Coach U, the founding school for coaching and one of the best. I have my certificate for CEP, and am currently studying  the ACP.  I am a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) the NJPCA, and the AHMA.

Go to the contact page to connect with me, and set up your complimentary coaching consultation right away!

Coach Louise