Ali Brown & Valuable Content!

by Louise Crooks

I am so excited to have an amazing woman, grace the airwaves with me on KeystoClarity! Radio tomorrow evening. ALI BROWN! ali-media-03-low-resShe is an inspiring role model not only for me, but many women (and men!) who are entrepeneurs, small business owners and business owners making a difference in the world. Ali is a multi-millionaire, who started from scratch, and now has an amazingly successful business. What I love about the info Ali shares in her calls, emails, newsletters and magazine (yes she has her own magazine!) is that the content is always really valuable. This is something I always share with my clients. If you want to create credibility with your list, or followers, make sure the content you deliver is always valuable. I am rather disenchanted these days when I get onto teleseminars where there is lots of fluff, maybe 5 minutes of value and then an introduction to a product or program. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with having an informative call which might lead into an introduction – in fact I would recommend this as a great marketing tool, but make sure that the content of that call is great, through out! If you want to stand out, just as Ali does, this is one specific point to take away and emulate in your business. Well she is on my show tomorrow evening for the first time, and will be discusssing an important topic!   How to be successful in starting a business during a down economy. And she is going to share the 3 biggest mistakes women entrepeneurs make and how to avoid them! Make sure you’re there to hear these gems!  Just click on the big button on the right side of the page to BlogTalkRadio at 7pm EST tomorrow evening, and if you don’t get to listen LIVE, then go to the same link, and listen to the recording at your leisure.  No worries about missing out!  Just make sure to schedule it in!

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