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by Louise Crooks

Wow, I feel inspired! Andrea J Lee, founder of Pink Spoon Marketing and Multiple Income Streams for Coaches, has put out a challenge! I am feel compelled to rise to it!

She is asking what we have done in our business’s to leverage our time, so that our value limit does not stop with our time available! In other words, if all you are doing is one on one coaching, there is a limit to how much you can earn! And the same goes for any service orientated professional! So the question is how have you leveraged what you’re doing to create more income streams! With a compelling answer Andrea is giving away her compilation of mp3’s for ADVANCED Multiples Streams of Income! (great promotion idea Andrea!)

Find out more by clicking on the image!

Find out more by clicking on the image!

I am excited to say that I know Andrea is going to assist me in going to the next level. As coaches ‘should’ all have their own coach, I have decided to start working with Andrea, as she really has been an inspiration to me, with the direct value she delivers, and the clear evidence that she really knows her stuff!

So Andrea here goes! I am in the process of creating these various income streams to take my business to the next level! Group coaching, contributing to a book, creating a teleseminar series, a whopping 70 or so recordings of interviews with guests on my radio show to converted into products, speaking opportunities to sell programs & back of the room products, creating a membership site & so on.   I want to work smart not hard!   At the moment I am in the throws of both! lol   With your assistance, your great Advanced Streams of Coaching Income Pack,  and valuable coaching I believe it will all come together in a smooth flow, and increase my bottom line, doing what I love, to be more impactful others do more of what they love!   Bring it on!!

Always the student!

Coach Louise

PS What investment are you making in yourself or your business to keep growing, moving forward and taking what you know to the next level?

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