Are you catching the Successful Business Worm?

by Louise Crooks
Are you catching the successful biz worm!?

Are you catching the successful biz worm!?

Spring is definitely in the air!  I am embracing the warmth and the beautiful bright blossoms when I’m on my walks!  It feels like a rebirth, a re-awakening…coming out of hibernation.  Its time to get inspired, feel inspired, and take action!

Its perfect timing really, without my even planning it that way. (isn’t the universe powerful the way it lines things up!?)  What am I talking about?  This week, I am facilitating a workshop, on Tuesday the 21st April at the Unitarian Church on West Front Street in Lincroft NJ (very near the GS parkway).

The workshop is called ‘The Early Bird’s Guide to Catching the Successful  Business Worm’ and you can find out more information by clicking on this link!

I hope you join me!  and please tell a friend if you think its perfect for them!


Coach Louise

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