Becoming an Energy Magnet – Interview Today!

by Louise Crooks

This topic is key to so many of the things we want to do for ourselves as business owners / coaches / holistic practitioners –  maintain balance and replenish our batteries without overwhelming ourselves, as well as being able to be present and energised to give our clients what they need.  

The show I am doing on Blog Talk Radio today at 4pm, speaks to this very topic.  A must for everybody! 

I will be interviewing my peer Christine Clifton, and we will be discussing how to maintain and replenish our energy levels and create balance, as well as highlighting next week as being The Invisible Illness Week, where many people with chronic conditions suffer in silence or without understanding because often their conditions are not seen – and this includes infertility, migraines, fibromyalgia, just to name a few.     We will touch on stress, infertility, business, and others as so many factors that contribute to the energy drain.   Come and learn how to be an Energy Magnet!

The radio link is on the side of the page.

The show is live at 4pm today.  If you can’t make it, listen to the archived podcast on the blogtalkradio website!   Let us know what you think!

Energetically yours,

Coach Louise Crooks

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