Blogging is the Bees Knees

by Louise Crooks

If you look at every leader in your community’s website, you’re almost guaranteed to find that they have a blog.

There are many reasons to have a blog. Some are more obvious and some are not and may not have been something you’ve thought of before.

So I’m going to share 6 reasons why you might consider having a blog as a way to build credibility, loyal fans and your email list!

Reason #1: Your Expertise is Spotlighted

Have you noticed that when you want to learn more about the person you’re following, you’ll go to their blog to read and find out some of the gems they are sharing? And if you receive their newsletter, chances are their article will have a link leading you to their blog, where you get to read the whole article. You’ll notice at the bottom of the blog post that it recommends similar posts, and so you’ll find yourself clicking around to read various articles. And sooner or later you either super impressed, or..not. It gives you insight into whether you really want to pay attention to this person, if you really value the information their sharing, and whether you want to keep an eye open for other information or emails they are sending you, as well as the offerings they are inviting you to. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal, and perhaps not a so obvious reason for having a blog. It really helps folks to know who you are and the value you provide, and engenders trust. So ‘booyah’ to that one!!

bees to honey
Reason #2: You’ll Attract your Tribe to your Site, like Bees to Honey
When you blog, the search engines LOVE it – it provides new material, and they will be buzzing away, looking for the keywords (tags) you’ve used, as well as headlines etc, that they find attractive. It puts you in the spotlight on the pages of Google and you’ll be ranked higher because of your activity. Making sure you SEO your posts is most important to attract your ideal clients to you, and to your website. That way those in your tribe can find you and find out more about you.

Reason #3: You get to leverage Articles from your Newsletters

As I mentioned in #1 most folks will have a link leading them from your newsletter to back to your blog. It’s possible that you’re writing articles for your newsletter, and not doing any further with them. It’s a wasted opportunity. It’s a way to leverage something you’ve already done. And as above it will give people a reason to go to your website to read more about you, and more about what you’re able to do for them. Definitely a good move. So make your articles ‘sticky’!  😉

Reason #4: You have an Interesting Destination to invite Folks to

When you write a blog post, you are creating ‘buzz’ about what you do, something interesting you have to say about a particular topic, or something exciting going on like an event. With a blog, you can set it up to automatically tweet, and post your new post out to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any number of Social Media sites, as well as those who’ve landed on your site and just subscribed to your blog. When you do this regularly, you’ll create interest in things you’re doing regularly and give folks on those platforms something to look out for. It’s also a way to get their attention! If they are getting to know you on those platforms, it’s an opportunity for them to click the link to your blog post, and be sent over to your site! What happens when they get to your site? They will explore your site, and if they like the nectar they’ve found, chances are they’ll choose to jump onto the mother-load and enter their name and email to download your free gift. That means they have joined your inner community – your email list. Woohoo! You get to continue communicating with them – they are ready to hear more from the Queen Bee! You can get really proactive with this by posting links to your blog posts on various social media platforms to drive traffic to your site – and it’s super easy.

Reason #5: Flex that writing muscle!

If you love writing this is a fabulous way to do it – to communicate with your tribe regularly, give value, and enjoy the experience of writing using your creativity, and having fun with graphics to depict your point. A blog can be the fuel for other products you can create! Just think if you wrote 2 or 3 posts every week for a year, you’d have enough material for a book, or a few e-books. Remember you get to leverage or optimize everything that you do in your business. I love that. It makes life much easier and stops you from reinventing the wheel whenever you’re ready to do something new – because chances are you have a few gems tucked away already. So start burning those bees wax candles and get writing.

Reason #6: Have a Conversation with your Tribe

The people who comment on your blog are people who are often the most intimate with your work – either they are on your email list, or subscribed to your blog. You get to have a two-way conversation based on the comments by answering and engaging with them. It’s even more important than the interactions you might have on social media – because most of the time these people are already a fan of your work, and it’s easier to keep those in your community engaged, than attracting new ones into the hive. You get to hear what they think, what their challenges are, and what they think of your information and your personal thoughts on that information. It’s a great way to connect with your peeps with more depth, as well as the new people you’re attracting to your site.


Ok, I’m sure there are more, but I wanted to give you some insights to help you get started if you’ve been thinking about doing blogging as a visibility strategy. As you see it’s so much more than that.
Let me know what you think, or if you have some other reasons to have a blog, I’d love to hear them. Post in the comment section below. And don’t forget to SHARE!  :)  Bzzzz Bzzz.

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