KtC Radio: Visibility ~ The KEY to Soul-Driven Business Success

by Louise Crooks

How visible are you to your ideal clients? Do they know you’re there and open for business? Have you shared your expertise and talents on a bigger scale in some way? And is it working for you?

Let’s discuss the importance of visibility in your business to help you create the success you’re going for! Louise Crooks your host, will take you through the 5 key steps of ‘why’ VISIBILITY is imperative AND strategies that are an intuitive fit for your business. This will get you started or tweak the course you’re already on. We’ll get a real sense of how YOU can stand out from the crowd and get more of the ‘right’ clients showing up!

We’ll be using specific examples and case studies – so if you’re curious, call into the show, and we’ll talk about visibility for your soulopreneur business, and what that might look like. We want to make sure the platform you’re using is working for you and for your niche. An opportunity for sure! Feel free to dig deep and question me thoroughly during this hour!

Questions for the show? Send them to info@keystoclarity.com

KtC Radio ~ 3pm ET Wednesday 02/02/11

Call-in Number: (347) 945-6963
Listen via Computer: http://budurl.com/visible

Remember if you can’t make it live (although its always much better when you can! You get more interaction, can call-in to ask questions, and win prizes on the show) feel free to access the recording from the same link above, after the show has aired!

To your shining success!

Louise x

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