Bright Shiny Project Syndrome ~ A Blessing or a Curse?

by Louise Crooks

Well you might have heard of ‘Bright Shiny Object Syndrome’ ~ you know, when you think everything that shows up you HAVE to be doing, to keep ahead in your business, particularly when they are free. Well I think many of us SoulOPreneurs struggle with ‘Bright Shiny PROJECT Syndrome’ ~ I’m talking about listening to all the free teleseminars you get sent information on in your inbox, the articles, the newsletters, and the videos, all showing you the latest, best or new way of doing the right things in your business, and the feeling that you MUST do them now! Its a bit like the well known bird in England – the Magpie. The Magpie, collects all the bright shiny objects he can find and lines his nest with them. He’ll even venture into people’s homes through open windows and pinch a piece of jewelry! All done with the goal in mind to attract the right mate.

Are you building a Magpie nest?

Many of us Soul-O-Preneurs are doing this in our business, thinking that if we just do this, or just do that, that it will make our business ‘better’ and we’ll attract all the clients we desire. Well, sorry to inform you – although it works well for the Magpie, it really doesn’t work well for us!

So your email inbox is getting fuller, your signing up for all these freebies, and so you’re getting more email coming through than you know what to do with. It makes things worse because you’re opening yourself up to more ‘opportunities’ than you know what to do with. You’re signing up for all these teleseminars and not going to any of them…. But you keep thinking, well I NEED to know ‘that’, and NEED to know ‘this’ to be successful in my business. And if I don’t sign up for it then I might miss something. Its almost like becoming a ‘hoarder’ but a cyber-hoarder.

Just think about how it makes you feel when you’ve have so many things going on at once! My sense is you’re going to be feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, unenergised, unorganised… phew and the list goes on. AND ultimately it can stifle what you’re trying to accomplish in your business, and cause paralysis ~ getting to a point where nothing actually happens at all! In fact one could even fall into burn out, illness or exhaustion. Any of this sound familiar?

OK well the good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Have you noticed how things show up when you need them the most? Thats the universe responding to a very clear message – the power of your intention – when the ‘ask’ is big enough and clear enough. So here are some clear steps to support yourself in breaking the pattern of ‘Bright Shiny Project Syndrome’:

1) Unsubscribe to all the emails, you’re no longer opening. Immediately.

2) Allow yourself 1 or 2 teleseminar calls per week, but no more than that. (I’m referring to the freebies)

3) Let go of needing everything all at once. (we know thats not working)

4) Set a clear intention for your business each week. Ask yourself what your focus or project will be for that week, and align anything you’re reading or listening to with that intention. If it doesn’t fit, turf it.

5) Set specific time aside to work on that project. That’s the follow through on the teleseminar you’ve listened to or article you’ve read.

6) Last but not least, make sure you take the time out of your busy schedule every day to ‘apply a soothing salve’ to your brain. This might be in the form of meditation (start with 5 mins if you haven’t done it before) or a walk on the beach or in the woods. Figure out what that something is that will create calm and serenity in your life, for 30 mins at  the very least.

If you’re already saying that you don’t have time to do this. I am going to put a strong ‘WRONG’ out there for you. Not that you are wrong, but that the perception of what’s supporting you is squeued. We already know that what you’re doing right now in this regard is probably not working very well.   What I can share with you with absolute conviction is that by taking this precious 30mins and doing that which feeds your soul, will energise and calm you and make you much more productive in your business.  Sound good?

I could give you more steps but again I don’t want to overwhelm you! 😉  Just think – we are moving into an age where cyber-hoarding is now becoming very apparent, where we are starting to develop ADD because of it. If we’re serious about remaining passionate about what we’re doing, and helping others, making the world a better place, its imperative that we start laying this powerful foundation. In focusing on the ‘being’, the ‘doing’ becomes so much easier. And say goodbye to ‘Bright Shiny Project Syndrome’!

Just remember the information is always available when you need it. Get really clear and create a powerful intention daily and weekly, and you’ll be amazed at what shows up.

To your shining success!
Coach Louise

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