Build Your List-Building Foundation!

by Louise Crooks

What I’m about to share with you, is the cornerstone to the foundation of your list-building!

It’s where it all begins!

Wiki definition:  The cornerstone (or foundation stone) concept is derived from the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure.

If you’re beginning your list-building experience, great! Congratulations! You’re taking a big step to serving a much larger community, getting your message out in a much bigger way, and filling your programs and groups! And if you’ve been building your list already and have found it to be fairly non-impactful experience, there is a good chance that some fundamental piece is missing…

Click on the video, to find out what this cornerstone is, and why is so important!

Those two foundational pieces, are pivotal to list-building success! :) Without either of them, you’ll go nowhere fairly fast. We don’t want that! We want your success, to deliver your best work!

More tips and gems will be shared as we dive deeply into getting started with List-Building in the upcoming free training call: List-Building for Beginners ~ 5 Simple Steps to a Pipeline of Your First 1000 Avid Fans.  Click on the link, to get your call-in details!

And remember just like Wiki, says the cornerstone is the first stone in your foundation!  Let’s build your business so it grows, unlike buildings that topple with shaky foundations to begin with!

Your marketing and list-building success is hinged on creating a focus on a group of folks who have a common issue  as well as fit into your ideal client profile, and having your website and email management system in place. What you create beyond that, with the visibility strategies and methods you choose, will have the desired impact! If the cornerstone is not in place, it will all be fairly anti-climatic and feel like a struggle!

See you on the call! Here is the link to get your call in details!  Gems abound!

Let me know your thoughts below!

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