Communicating with Angels?!

by Louise Crooks

As soulopreneurs taking care of others, and growing a practice at the same time – sometimes life can get a bit frenetic and stressful. Our special guest is really ‘special’. She communes with Angels!  And she’s going to help us tap into our own divinity to take care of ourselves first, so we can take care of our clients more powerfully AND build prosperous businesses..

Bridget Engel is an Angel Intuitive and Personal Coach to those wanting to connect with divine guidance to create the life they desire. She teaches her clients how to partner with their Divinity, which is a short cut to all good things. This is the place that gives you universal truths, creativity, brilliant ideas, and guidance on how to align with the prosperity, relationships, and health you desire.
Did you know the word Angel comes from Old English (engel) and ultimately from the Greek word angelos, which means “messenger? Angels bring messages from the divine mind.  Bridget says the Angels want you to know that it is okay to be skeptical or dubious about their existence.

Bridget will share with us how to tap into our own angels guides – or even explore the possibility of that if you are a skeptic.  And importantly, guide us to help ourselves access our divine guidance as we deal with stress and information overload in our everyday business lives.  Connect with your inner divinity so that you can nurture yourself, be more present for your clients and create clarity and vision in your practice.

Call in with questions and hang out with us in the chatroom!
Wednesday 23rd Feb at 3pm ET
Call in on 347-945 6963 or listen via the web KeystoClarity! Radio

Remember you can listen to the recording if you can’t make it live – just remember though you get to ask questions when it is live, and there are great prizes to be won, every week on the show.

Louise x

PS I struggle between staying open to what is beyond, and being a skeptic – needing to see what is quantifiably in front of me. So I’m excited to hear more from Bridget, and expand my own awareness. :) If you’re a skeptic, come and join us and practice staying open. That’s the only way we grow!

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