Consciously Building Your Life-Style Business – Quick Tip

by Louise Crooks

During this summer, I planned on working a 3 day week, so I can really kick back and enjoy. I really encourage you to do the same! I’ve found over the years as I’ve been running my business, that in the times where everyone is generally slowing down and having fun, it is the perfect time to do the same.

Sometimes I have fallen into the trap of continuing to work hard, and then realize there is not decent respite for the rest of the year, resolving to change it the next year.

The key here is to ask yourself how you want your summer (or winter if things are slowing down), to look. Part of this is consciously building a life-style business. Otherwise why did we start it to begin with!? We work for ourselves so we want to design it the way we want it!

Be intentional about what you’d like to be doing during that time, and what that looks like. I mean this from a work perspective and from a kick back and relax perspective. One of the things I’ll be doing intentionally is sending out an ezine once a month in July and August instead of twice a month. Little things like that can make a big difference.

Create a calendar that reflects that your activities in and out of your business. Cross off the time you want to yourself, and be really clear about what you want accomplish on the days you are working.




Interestingly I find that I don’t necessarily accomplish less, I’m just being smarter with my time. :-) I’m wondering if that might be the same for you.

Try it and see! And if you’d like to share your plan or thoughts that come up, just hit reply, I’d love to hear.

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