Creating more time in a crazy schedule….

by Louise Crooks

Last week I had a great interview with Christine Clifton on my KtC Radio show…. and it led into a discussion around being able to say ‘no’, to be able to say ‘yes’ to ourselves…..   (  to listen to the archived podcast)

Earlier in the year, I was at a weekend in NY with Marcia Wieder – America’s Dream Coach, and she signed this lovely little book that she had just published, for me.   I found a wonderful quote which is so in alignment with our discussion around conserviing energy.  I hope you enjoy it as much I did….


Quote from Marcia Wieder – America’s Dream Coach

Book: Dreams Are Whispers From The Soul



No More, Now What?


When asked to do something, do you open up a jam packed calendar to squeeze one more thing in to an already over scheduled life? Before we can create new dreams we need to make room for them.


Is it time to give up something you have outgrown? Are you ready to quit something that is no longer ture for you and that no longer nurtures or fulfills you?


When your kids need you or you are under a deadline at work, you don’t always have a choice. But when offered a choice, if you are invited to do something that you don’t have to do or don’t want to do, consider saying, ‘No, thank you.’


Clear away some clutter to make room for new dreams.  As you say, ‘no more’ to what’s no longer true for you , to those activities, habits, even relationships that are not aligned with how you want to live your life, you make room to ask, ‘Now what?’


With new found friends, energy and time, what would you say ‘yes’ to? What would you say ‘more’ to?  What dreams would you schedule into your life?


While helping people create or discover new dreams, two of my favourite words are, ‘What else?’  What else would bring you more joy and fulfillment, what else would bring you more passion and energy, what else would have you feel aligned with your purpose?


With a little breathing space, you can add things to your life that matter to you, make you happy and are aligned with your purpose.  Imagine how your life will change when some day soon, you open your calendar to find inspiring projects that progress your most heartfelt goals.


That would be a dream come true life.



letting go, to make more room

Coach Louise Crooks

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