Breaking the Visibility Curse of the Conscious Entrepeneur

by Louise Crooks

Many conscious business owners who live, eat and breathe what they do because they are so passionate about it, want to make it work, and do the best they can in this lifetime….  are cursed.

It’s a curse that many have cast upon themselves.  Yes it’s true.

It is this desire to be visible, to put themselves out there, to go big or go home, to be an expert and a leader…

hiding face

But, who  are in reality, hiding out. Consciously or unconsciously. (take a moment to reflect)

Dabbling with this social media strategy,  going to that networking group occasionally, putting the business activities on the backburner when family comes into town…

The ones who talk about standing on big stages, having large audiences and inspiring 1000’s – who are not willing to put the little stepping stones in place to get to the big leagues. (we forget that those ‘overnight successes’ took more than a few years to get there!)

The ones who know they have a story to tell, but feel too embarrassed to share it – even though they suspect it could help 1000’s of lives.  Or might not be able to see that their story – is actually their message and moving beyond ego to do it.

The one’s who say they’re going to do something, but do very little – because it means getting uncomfortable.

Yes, it’s you.  If you’re hiding and not doing the things that you know are going to be instrumental to your success, it’s time to break that curse.

Gosh, I know I sound rather harsh here – but the truth is that breaking that curse, to become visible and share your message and put yourself out there, means…

…. making a commitment to yourself and those folks you want to serve, that takes you beyond your discomfort and fear.

Your commitment, love and passion, heart-break, and vision for those who need you will break this curse.

Are you ready to stick your head over the parapets?   Risk being seen?  Risk even being rejected?

It’s truly the pioneers in our field that are willing to make that commitment who will break the visibility curse.

I know you can do it.   Do you?

hiding let your light shine



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