Did You Know You’re A Pioneer? 5 Keys Elements to Owning What You Do!

by Louise Crooks

Most Soul-o-Preneurs and Health and Wellbeing Professionals don’t realise that they are actually pioneers! Yes, its true.  Why do I say that? Because if you’re in a field that still building its credibility in the world, where there is still a lot of questions about its validity, and its a different way of ‘doing’ from the ‘norm’, then it means you are a Pioneer!  A lot of business owners I work with are Integrated Medical Specialists like Osteopaths, Holistic Doctors, Chiropractors and Holistic Practitioners like Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, and Wellbeing Professionals, like coaches, trainers and authors in personal growth – all experience this paradigm!  Some may not realise that they are actually on the ‘frontier’ of educating, ‘persuading’, selling or sharing modalities that many people particularly in the West, are still not comfortable with, or have yet to hear of !  Yes, some of these modalities are centuries old, some are much newer, but the challenges are the same.

Own the Pioneer in YOU!

Own the Pioneer in YOU!

So if you’re on the frontier as a Pioneer, what does that mean to marketing in your business?  What does it mean you need to do to make sure that the world understands and knows what you’re doing,?  To be able to help them the way that you know you could, if only you had the chance?   Mmmm, lots to consider!

Here are 5 key elements, to being a Pioneer:

  • Firstly it’s OWNING what gifts you have to share with world.    Yes – try that on for a moment. Pretend its a snuggly coat of OWNERSHIP of what you do so well, and wear it proudly and confidently.
  • Secondly, its taking RESPONSIBILITY for this wonderful coat you’re wearing!  You have to show it off, and let the world know how wonderful ‘it’ is!
  • Thirdly, its making sure that now in the OWNERSHIP of your gift, and understanding the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with it,that the world must hear about.  Shout from the rooftops if you have to.  (yes I’m sure some of you are cringing right now at the thought of that, but now isn’t it your RESPONSIBILITY to be doing that?)
  • Fourthly, remind yourself that you are not filling that RESPONSIBILITY if the world doesn’t even know its there.  So what do you need to do to make sure that the world hears about it?  Sees it?  Experiences it?    Whatever intuitively fits for you is generally the answer (easily accessed when working with a coach 😉  to choose the vehicle or platform (or ‘runway’) lol,  to evangelise what you do.  Did I just use that word? Yes I did, taking it from its pure meaning …..

    Definition: evangelize verb ( OPINIONS )

(usually evangelise) /??væn.d??.la?z/vUK

[I] to talk about how good you think something is

  • Fifthly – to take it one step further, which is to get others to evangelise about what you’re doing too!   There are lots of ways to dothis, but I just want to get the general message out there, with getting into the how-to’s here.
  • BONUS key element:  Yes, it takes courage to step out there so boldly – and what would happen if you don’t?

I would love to get your input on these points, as well as hear how you are ‘owning’ your gift, and the work you need to do to get it out into the world.  Tell me how the ‘ownership coat’  or maybe its those boots  – fit as a Pioneer in your field of work.   Once you start trying on these key principles, the idea of sharing and marketing, takes on a whole new perspective!

To your continued shining success,

Louise x

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