Do You Charge What You Deserve?

by Louise Crooks

Do you ever feel like you…

**Get nervous when you discuss your fees because you feel unprepared and self-conscious
**Are frustrated by the number of hours you have to work because you’re trading time for money
**Have been undercharging for the amazing results you know you deliver but are unsure what to do about it
**Are hungry to raise your rates, but you’re nervous about the reaction you will get from your clients
**Are completely OVERWHELMED
Every day, service professionals are leaving hundreds and even thousands of dollars on the table by undercharging for their valuable products and services. Tom Buford, founder of is a fee-setting and marketing strategist and he’ll be revealing common mistakes that service professionals make when setting prices and fees and how they can instantly overcome them.tom-buford

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re a seasoned veteran in your soulopreneur business, Tom’s advice can help you add thousands of dollars to your pocket, so you can do more of what you want. This is an issue many Soulopreneurs struggle with, and is an important conversation to make sure you are getting paid well for your valuable services.

Imagine what it would feel like to…
**Double your current fees and know that you can get it
**Have complete confidence when telling prospects what you charge
**Be a sought after EXPERT in your field

Get on the fast track to charge what you deserve and dial in KtC Radio Wednesday, July 14th at 3pm EST to listen to Tom Buford live. Call in to ask Tom any questions you have on this topic! 347-945 6963 or just listen through the web on KeystoClarity! Radio AND if you can’t make it LIVE, go to the same link after the show has aired to listen to the RECORDING!

Coach Louise

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