Does Life Sometimes Seem a Bit Unfair?

by Louise Crooks

It certainly does to me sometimes!  Especially when there is so much suffering.  When we resist what we experience we actually cause suffering – imagine the duality of that statement for a minute!

I am really excited to share something big with you, which will help how many of us, even us individuals who feel like we’re on ‘the path’ so to speak, but falter when we are faced by so many challenges!  So listen up!

Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, Michael Beckwith (21 total contributors) — and your host, Lynne McTaggart — invite you to join them in creating a better country, a better world.

More than at any time, most feel that life isn’t fair.  When I see one of my best friends going through a heart-breaking divorce, or one of my family members going through bankruptcy, or the fact that one of my dear friends is dealing with leukaemia, or when we see wars all across the globe – heck, we’re in one ourselves – it can be an easy road of thought to follow! I’m sure you can relate.

Many are looking around at the chaos and lack around them and thinking…

We  know there has to be a better way — but what? And what would it look like?

There is a better way, and some of the world’s foremost thought leaders are getting together for a very special summit to help shape a new blueprint for change, for a better, fairer world.   I’m so excited about this – I would call it a movement, but you decide for yourself, all I know is that it will be life/world changing!



Through “The Fairness Campaign Summit,” you will have the chance to explore with these speakers, experiencing their insights practices, techniques and tactics. They will be showing you how to apply this important information to activate in your life RIGHT NOW…

I think you will find that this is the most powerful line up of speakers assembled: Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Steven Covey, Jack Canfield, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jean Houston (21 total speakers), all contributing on topics ranging from business to spirituality, relationship to happiness… joining in this remarkable campaign to show YOU how to change your life, and the world.   Many of them I absolutely follow to deepen my own learning.  

 Hosting these special 21 days (starting July 25) is best-selling author Lynne McTaggart, whose very latest book, The Bond, is setting the agenda for this change.

Lynne — and all her special guests — want you to join them ABSOLUTELY F*R*E*E* for this series of shows and classes that is setting itself the ambition of nothing less than a new and fairer world.

They all believe that YOU have a unique and important role to play in the major changes that are taking place right now on our planet and in human evolution.  I certainly do too!  We can all make a difference even by playing a small part – remember the ripple….


 What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things — The Bond


Here is all you have to do…

1) Go to THIS PAGE to register for this f-r-e-e event:

2) Purchase Lynne’s book The Bond as a study reference and offer your receipt in the registration process OR simply register for fr-ee (book purchasers have a chance to WIN an iPad 2 — and the odds of winning are awesome!).

3) Watch for the email from for your dial in info, webcast links and your replay links.


Then enjoy, grow and evolve!   I hope you’ll join me – I believe its our duty to evolve and grow as spiritual beings in this human experience, and to help us all become the best of ourselves and support this planet.

There are only 1000 spaces for callers so register now to lock in your space!

==> Book your seat in the Fairness Summit


I can’t wait to hear the views these leaders have on what’s happening in the world today and what we can do to grow, learn and evolve from the mistakes we’re making and what we don’t already know!  Their collective wisdom I’m sure will blow your mind as well as my own.

‘See’ you on the calls!

Louise x

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