You don’t need to be like them

by Louise Crooks

Like many heart-centered business owners, you probably feel a lot of the time that the marketing you see out there – is a complete turnoff.

And yet, there is this perception that ‘having to do marketing’ means that you need to do what ‘they’ do, even though it feels so yucky.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As someone who really cares about ensuring your being able to step into creating visibility and actually taking steps to do marketing in your business – it’s important that you feel ALIGNED, and in INTEGRITY with the information you put out there, and HOW you put YOURSELF out there.

Balanced stones in water

So the answer truly is ‘no’ – you do NOT need to do things the way ‘they’ do them.

After all, we are all different, right?

If you think about someone you know who can get away with telling a particular joke, and you know that you definitely couldn’t carry it off (or vice versa) – shows just how true this is.

You are both completely different people.

One is credible in telling the joke and gets attention and a ton of laughs, and the other’s attempt sinks like a lead balloon, and they just wish the earth would open up and swallow them.
So, when you read an email from someone you admire – someone who seems to be setting the world on fire in your chosen field – the automatic response is to copy what they are doing:

  • The way they do their speaking gigs
  • Their selling technique
  • Their program packaging and development
  • Their email content
  • Their website style and branding

And even though it feels like you’ve got the right pieces in place – it just doesn’t seem to be working. They can do that – but what suits them really well, might not actually be your natural way of doing things. They can tell that joke, but you can’t.

This is why I’m taking a stand for you – to create something that is truly your own. Something in your own voice, in the way that you connect the best and in the way that you teach, coach or treat best.

YES, there are techniques and strategies that will help in certain situations that everyone can apply, but not verbatim the way someone else does it. It has to feel true for you.

Just like an animal can smell fear, your prospect can tell when something feels aligned or not. It’s the subtle energetic vibration they are picking up on, or the obvious calling ‘BS’ on what they are reading or hearing or experiencing– even though you have the best intentions in the world.

I want to encourage you to find your OWN UNIQUE voice, when creating visibility, when selling, when connecting with your community.

finding your voice

I want to encourage you to explore ways that you can customize your work and programs to your specific business and niche.

It can sometimes feel challenging to do this, so I encourage you to get support while you explore, and find a coach /mentor who won’t apply a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to your business, you and what you do.

So take a look at who you’re following, and ask yourself – does their style of doing things, really fit with who you are, or are you taking on something that doesn’t ‘belong’ to you.

Here are some elements to look at:

  • Look at the language in your email – does it feel too salesy? Perhaps there is a way you can make it feel more personal. (and if you’re not sending out email at all, then perhaps this shift of focus will get things moving for you)
  • Look at your selling conversations – do they feel comfortable, and even easy? If not, then see if there is something you want to change in them.
  • Look at your branding – are you a guru, wanting all the news network logos splattered across your page, and wanting to look like a Tony Robbins or Ali Brown, or would you like to create something more in keeping with who you are and what you’re trying to create in the world? There is no good or bad here – just make sure it’s a fit for you.
  • Look at the expectations you’re setting for yourself, to see if they’re realistic and also if they’re a fit for what you want to create.

An example might be a group program:

-Do you want to fill it with 100 people charging $50 000 a person? Does that feel right, and good to YOU? Or would you be happy creating an intimate group of 6 -10 people, and charge $2000 per person. (this also depends on where you are in your business journey)

-Do you want more a personal touch and have your participants have more access to you, or do you want them to have a more DIY approach? (I know many folks feel like they get lost in the shuffle of a big group program, and don’t get very far down the track of what they teach, or feel like they can’t get their questions answered)

Let’s up-end this idea that things have to look a certain way to create success – and FEEL GOOD when you create, and connect with your peeps.

Own your unique style and ideas of what your work could look like in the world.


You’ll feel so much better, and even ‘believable’. And your audience will believe (in) you too.

When you embrace this, it’s very likely that things will take a big turn in your business!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and whether this is something you’ve been thinking about, or if it’s surprised you in recognizing what you’ve been doing. I’d love to hear.

To your SHINING success, and JOY-filled VISIBILITY,


Louise Crooks

P.S. I know I’ve been a bit silent lately – I’ve been laid-low with a cluster of migraines – but thankfully I feel like I’m on the mend. I’ll be sharing new and exciting things with you soon, as well as actually writing to you more frequently. :) Keep a beady eye out.

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