How Elephants Are Similar to Humans in Collaboration

by Louise Crooks

Did you know that elephants are collaborative creatures? They truly are special. I’ve looked into the eye of an elephant and seen my soul reflected back at me.

They have a special family dynamic which means they rely on each other, and the roles they each play. They are very similar to humans in that respect (although I think we need some work!).

elephant trunk
Although in western culture we’ve lost some of the ability to collaborate – we’re now coming full circle and starting to realize that from a business perspective that being collaborative, being in partnership and having support is the way to go.

Besides doing things on our own is isolating right! A typical experience of someone running a business from home or being a ‘soul’ business owner.

I’ve been excitedly preparing for a big event I’ll be hosting next year (tell you more later!) and I’ve also hired a bookkeeper! (I had one a year ago, but lost her, and just didn’t do anything about it. BIG MISTAKE!!). I’m collaborating with Joint Venture partners, and taking on people in my business who will make my journey so much more joyful and EASY!

Ask yourself how you can grow through support – whether it’s with building your list, or making your life or business that much easier.

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