Energy & Leadership!

by Louise Crooks

7pm EST / 4pm PST   Monday! 2nd November.

Why do certain individuals or clients – including us! – surge forward nearly effortlessly, while others struggle to find their place?

The secret key is : Energy and Engagement!

There are 7 levels of energy, which directly translates into the amount of energy you or your client can engage to be successful. These levels determine how we see the world and each person in it, including ourselves; and, therefore determine how well we can influence and inspire themselves and others to take powerful, purposeful action. Understanding these levels and making subtle shifts create a ripple effect in changing the way we perceive our circumstances, react during challenges, communicate with and lead others. Developed from the bestselling book Energy Leadership, this work allows learning to change perceptions to work for, instead of against us – shifting you or your clients to the cause instead of the effect of their lives.

Luke Iorio, President, Coach Training Division of iPEC shares his insights and major contribution to this wonderful book. guest-for-louises-show iPEC, which stands for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, has emerged as a leader in the coaching industry over its 10 year history. Training over 3,000 coaches and operating schools in 12 cities now around the country, iPEC has built its reputation on the quality of its coaches, providing more support to its students and graduates than any other program, and its Core Energy Coaching process. You’re going to hear about the heart of this unique, transformative process tonight!

Whether you’re a coach looking to develop your skills or take to them to a higher level, or you want to explore these energy skills for your own development on your life journey, come and join us for an intriguing discussion!

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In the pursuit of energetic transformation,
Coach Louise x

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