The Get More Clients Coaching Club

by Louise Crooks

Facebook Strong Start!

You’re HERE! Which means I know you’re serious about committing to your healing or coaching business in 2013, and are looking for the right support. At some point we all realize that to grow we need guidance. I’ve been there and have my own mentor coach too! And it’s really tough to figure it all out on your own.

You’re passionate and committed … and perhaps even a little disheartened, that it’s taking
so long and seems so hard …

I know it’s almost impossible to do it alone, and for those who try, end up taking the long and circuitous route to start seeing results in their business and getting those clients. It can be truly painful and challenging! So I commend you! However it doesn’t have to be this way. ‘We don’t know what we don’t know’, and so having the mentoring/coaching at this stage, can really help you to move forward. Even if it’s just tweaking what you’re doing! After all it’s clear that getting more clients requires specific knowledge, action steps and resources.

We don’t have the knowledge on how to get clients, downloaded into our brains at birth, and most often it isn’t included with our original coaching or healing modality training!

And we can’t download that knowledge automatically (like Neo in the Matrix), which I know would be really nice if we could.

You might already realize that you need the mentoring and coaching to move forward, but are not in a position to work one-on-one with a coach. afterall it’s often a high-cost investment -right? You’re committed to your growth but circumstances are getting in the way of making that investment. I hear you. No matter what folks say, what we’re experiencing in the world today is real and is affecting many. What you can do, is make choices that will support positive energy and growth in a do-able way. I want you to get support! So this is a fabulous and a do-able solution.

You might just be looking for that group experience! I love it, so I get it! Or you might want both! Some of my current one-on-one clients will be in this program too, because the group experience is so powerful and the value is clear.

Value, Connnection, Heart-Centered Interaction, Gold Nuggets,
Resources, Training and More


I am answering the call and opening ….


Facebook Strong Start!


The purpose is to support you in the growth of your business, to help you get more clients, to overcome money blocks or confidence issues, to give you resources and tools to use and fill your practice with more ease through training and coaching conversation. Sound good?

Are you ready to …


Work with a specific target market or ideal client, or are you looking to refine this for yourself and get even clearer?
Earn a steady income through private clients and not in dribs and drabs?
Learn visibility techniques to help you get yourself out there in front of your ideal clients AND to attract them?
‘Put the horse before the cart’, to lay the foundational pieces in your business in the right sequence, at the same time putting an end to the ‘Bright Shiny Object Syndrome?
Get past some of the confidence issues and blocks that are stopping you from welcoming prosperity into your business?


In this inner circle experience, you’ll get 1 x 60 to 90min session per month, together with like-minded soul-opreneurs.

Laser-like, and focused coaching …


We’ll focus on giving the laser coaching / mentoring you need to support your growth on a first come first serve basis. It’s such fun being part of a group like this (I’m in one myself), because not only do we get support for ourselves but we get to learn so much from one another. I’ll be training with how-to’s, resources, sharing trends aas well as coaching you with your questions and challenges in the group!

Here are some of the conversations we’ll be covering!


Refining your ideal client
Clarifying your message
How you’re going to find your clients
How you’re going to attract your clients
How to enroll clients successfully
The enrollment conversation so they say YES
What systems to have in place to help all that happen
Choosing your email autoresponder system
Starting or revamping your website and writing web copy
Getting your messaging right so your prospects respond
Exploring opt-in gift options
Building your email list
Creating a newsletter
Deciding on visibility strategies to use
Exploring Speaking, Networking, Teleseminars & Online Radio
Getting speaking opportunities, and interviews
Figuring out Social Media
Using groups on Facebook and LinkedIn as a way to connect directly with your ideal clients
Connecting Social Media and your website as a strategic system to get clients
And so much more!!!


As you can tell there is a lot to talk about – and we’ll discuss lots of juicy aspects to growing your business at the right moment! Exciting stuff!

As like-minded soulopreneurs you’ll have fun supporting each other on the calls, and in our private Facebook group created specially for your continued interaction and support between the calls.

A 6 month commitment of fun, camaraderie and deep learning …

This is a 6-month program. Just imagine what having support from me and your peers with their own expertise and experiences, could do for you? And imagine what’s possible for the growth of your business during this time! I’ve made this easy for you to say YES to you and your business.


If you’re ready and committed to take the steps and be supported NOW don’t waste any time. You know if you’re ready. The faster you decide to say YES to you and your precious business, the quicker we can confirm your seat and secure your growth for the next 6 months.

Scheduling mainly Wednesdays at 4pm ET / 1pm PT / 9pm GMT as follows:

Wednesday, August 14th
Wednesday, September 25th
Wednesday, October 25th
Wednesday, November 20th
Wednesday, December 11th
Wednesday, January 15th

Each session will be recorded and available shortly after the call, so even if you can’t make it, you’ll still be able to listen in, in your own time.

Ready for more clients and more prosperity?

If you still have questions and need to have a conversation with me – to see if this is a good fit, to see if you’re ready, or if you just need to know more, then feel free to email me on and I’ll connect with you personally.

About Louise Crooks


To your shining and inspired success,

Louise x

P.S. The atmosphere of being in a group of soul-driven folks like this is so heart-warming. You suddenly realize you’re not doing this on your own, and you have the ongoing support you need to grow. Remember, ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’ – we’ll be there to shine the light to make your path clear, bright and joyful!