A New & Exciting Way of Doing Teleseminars

by Louise Crooks

A powerful tool for visibility is… live streaming or live video streaming platforms. It’s a very exciting new way of doing traditional teleseminars or webinars.  The ‘suped- up’ version!

One might call it video conferencing as well, but what I’m referring to is your audience seeing you during a presentation, and or you sharing your screen so they can see not only you, but slides, or a video or a website you’re referring to. It is an awesome new way to connect with your audience and cater to the more visually minded client. The medium is created so it’s interactive which means there is a chat function you can use at the same time. I have yet to come across a live streaming /video streaming platform that doesn’t have a chat function.


From the field of NLP where it is determined whether we are auditory, visual, kinesthetic, or audio-digital, (important to note we are not just one of these, but might favor one over another) we can also take away that using a medium that can cater to all of those learning styles is going to be beneficial to the clients we want to serve as well as for growing our businesses.

Folks attending your talks, coming from all the learning styles categories, are then much more engaged, and taking more in! It’s a win, win! Plus we’re having fun, and so are they!

There are a few popular platforms to consider if you’re deciding to use this tool!  It’s a great alternative to traditional teleseminars or webinars, particularly when the participants can see you, or when you are engaging them through the talk with visual aids.

Here are a few platforms to check out:


This is great for a live streaming TV show or for a way to conduct a teleseminar where folks can see you and interact!  You can get started for free!


I’ve used this as a tool to conduct group coaching sessions, where I can share videos, powerpoints and share my screen when I’m showing ‘how to’s’!  Its awesome. And folks can see me!   This is also a very inexpensive platform for what it does.  It would also be an awesome suped up way to do teleseminar/webinars!

This is what it looks like when I’m using it:

There are more out there, but these are two platforms I think are great for the purpose of doing teleseminars in a new and exciting way.

Have fun! :)

Let me know what you think by commenting below!


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