Feeling Stuck? Unlock the Door to Untold Abundance.

by Louise Crooks

Its key in our business, to acknowledge that we have certain strengths and skills – the ones that give us a buzz when we’re doing them or create untold JOY in our lives with the results they produce in our or others lives.  Its also key to acknowledge that there are going to be a number of aspects to our business that we will not feel that way about, and that can ultimately start becoming obstacles and will start feeling like a stone around our neck, literally – a real sense of stuck-ness, and powerlessness.  These obstacles stop us from growing, making an income, and helping others because we’re holding ourselves back.  This is when we’re stuck in playing a small game, and getting mired down with detail.

Unlock the door...

Unlock the door...

Its time to reconnect with the bigger vision of why we’re doing what we’re doing.  Get rid of the small detail stuff that feels cloying, and clutters our minds with ‘should-ofs’ ‘musts’ ‘don’t know how but will figure it out somehow’ ‘I know I can do it if I put my mind to it’ ‘I can’t afford to do it’  around the issues that are holding us back.  You owe it to yourself and your community you’re in service to, to get real with yourself, and start to let go.   In letting go, we can focus on whats most important.  We also get to give the pieces we don’t enjoy or have no skill, to someone who will totally embrace them because it’s what brings them joy!  We get to focus on the important parts of our business, our core skills and gifts, and living into the bigger vision of our lives and business, not getting stuck in the small detail but looking at the amazing possibilities that the universe is constantly presenting to us.  In opening up this space, flow starts to happen, and you and your business will jump forward in huge leaps and bounds!  Are you ready for that?   Well now that you have committed with a resounding yes, what will that first step be?   I am letting go of having to know everything about setting up the details in my blog, also setting up my email /auto-responder system, just for starters.  Just acknowledging this to myself feels truly liberating and empowering.    I know you’ll feel the same way.  And who is helping you get clear on your path in your business, clearing your way to making your vision into a prosperous and joyful reality.   Its really important to have someone mentor you on this journey, to move you through these obstacle quickly, as we don’t see them for ourselves until we’re really and truly stuck. Not a great place to be in.    So who is going to be that person for you?  These are key elements to your moving forward with Joy, Momentum, Purpose & Clarity not only in 2010, but in this decade.

I coach and mentor individuals growing their businesses to the place where they can serve their clients with all of their being, so that everything is set up in flow and ease. It might be about letting go – whether its fears or obstacles or about creating that clear path of what’s next.   If that feels appealing to you, call me and we can explore the possibilities of making this a reality for you through coaching with a complimentary call.  Just click on the Contact tab at the top of the page.

I am passionate about your success, so you in turn can be more and do more in this world.

Coach Louise x

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