Finding Clients When Things Get Quiet

by Louise Crooks

How would you like a couple of tips on getting a few clients in the door while things are quieter, so you still have cash flow coming in during what some people call the summer ‘slow-down’. That’s key right?!

Look at the areas in your business, where you might see low hanging fruit. Where there are going to be clients waiting to work with you.

  • Are there people who have been interested in your services but you need to follow up with?
  • Are there a couple of places you know who would say ‘yes’, to you doing a talk for their community?
  • Have you made an offer in your email recently to your email list (big or small) – one that is in keeping with current events eg: the summer. How can you tie that into your offer and make it relevant?

Next, ask yourself what you’d like to be doing in your business in September.

What do you need to put in place to be ready for September? It could be that you’re launching a program, or wanting to have 10 new clients. What do you need to do, that will help you achieve that goal?

Ask yourself what projects are important to you, that you could do while things are a little slower. Summer is a great time to work on those – when you can take your time, and get it done.

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