Forgiveness and Health!

by Louise Crooks

I have just written a blog on my fertility weblog about this subject but it is such a powerful subject and so relevant to the readers (YOU) of this blog, that I felt compelled to write about it here!

Forgiveness is so important if you are looking for peace, health, freedom, and happiness.   So few of us realise (so look hard and deep within yourself) that we harbor not just a little but sometimes a lot of resentment and bitterness, towards someone or something ( person or institution or country) even ourselves.   This is literally poisoning your soul and body!  I have read about tests they have done where they have tested saliva, and it is literally poisonous.    Anyway before I get too carried away lets get back to the topic at hand!    

Part of being healthy and happy is creating and allowing the ability to let go of the things we have been burdening ourselves with – often for years!  If  you are interested in Louise Hay’s work, she talks about how the emotions effect the body and the illnesses it produces.  Heart attack = Anger,  Cancer = Bitterness and Resentment.    Are you making yourself ill?  Is one of your clients making themselves ill?   I know I did before I something about it!

These feelings also prevent us from achieving the things we want in life, through the emotional blocks we create, and the limiting beliefs we instill in our selves.  We have a choice about whether we want to continue down that same path or not!  Do you want to succeed?   YOU are in charge.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting or condoning what that person / thing has done.  Its an act of self-interest where we can let go, so we can move on, and allow the wonderful, loving and healthy things to show up in our lives.  You know the adage about filling a vaccuum.   So thats what you will be doing – bringing the things/emotions you want into your life and letting go of the misery and physical effects (aging, overeating…and the list goes on)!

I want to share a website that I am a member of that is a huge advocate of ‘forgiveness’  – they have lots of free teleclasses, newsletter, inspirations to give to their subscribers.   So here is their link:

Susyn and Sheri are hosting their next live teleclass on Tues 19th.  So check it out.  And don’t underestimate the power of forgiveness.  It can be truly freeing.   Holistic practitioners and coaches out there – let your clients know about this wonderful website.     The subject of this event is:  Forgiveness in Action – Simple Techniques for Big Results

(I will set up a link on the side of the page for future reference to the With Forgiveness website)

There is also another very powerful way to do this kind of work, and that is through courses that The Journey does.  Brendan Bays got rid of her cancer this way.            A great experience to recommend to your clients (and yourselves).  I loved it. It was a truly amazing experience.



with love, and in the spirit of forgiveness,

Coach Louise Crooks

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