Forgiveness & Transformation!

by Louise Crooks
Richard Schooping

Richard Schooping

That’s what tonight’s show is all about!  My guest Richard Schooping is the author of ‘ Suffering to Soaring – Through GOD I transcended Aids’.  He is going to share his journey of trauma and tragedy, and share with us how he came out the other side into light, peace and grace.

This show is for anyone who is dealing with big challenges in their lives, who might feel like a victim, a martyr, or out of control, resentful, angry… we all have a little bit of that going on somewhere!  Especially in these times, where even resentment towards large institutions like the government and the banking system might be holding us back from leading an amazing life.  And guess what!?  Only you can change that paradigm.  You are giving it control – no-one else.  Strong words I know, but I have been there!  I have stepped out of the role of playing the victim! And boy is it freeing!

So come and listen to Richard’s wisdom tonight at 7pm EST / 12 midnight richard-schoopings-bookGMT, 4pm PST on KtC Radio

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