The Impatience of the Eager Soul-opreneur (and their Frilly Knickers!).

by Louise Crooks

Ever feel frustrated that you ‘should’ be further along in your business than you are?  I hear this a lot.  And I’ve been there too.

My mentor used the analogy of growing a tulip with Miracle Grow (yuck!)  –  and seeing that tulip get higher and bigger than normal and then just flop over.  You’re not going to get that solid quality, beauty and longevity from a flower that’s forced to grow too quickly and unnaturally.

And it’s the same in our coaching or healing business.

It takes time to put all the foundational pieces in place, and to build up the momentum for getting clients, doing your marketing, becoming visible etc.   I had a client who was so angry at life and herself and probably me (when you’re in judging mode, you’re judging not only yourself but everyone else too!) and then in her coaching session we got to review all the amazing things she had accomplished and had forgotten about.  She was truly re-engaged and excited by recognizing all the good she has already done.

We as human beings are very good at focusing on what we haven’t done, and not celebrating what we have!

And then we get our knickers in a knot when we feel like we’re not where we should be. We feel ashamed or frustrated.  If you’re feeling this way, please know that you are not alone, don’t blame yourself, and keep focusing on what’s most important.  (You can keep your frilly knickers ironed, airy and light at all times! 😉 )


I encourage you to do this little ritual I learnt from T. Harv Eker and recommend to all my clients to keep things light and energetically supportive :

Get a pretty journal (for the guys… a handsome journal) and pen, and keep it next to your bed. And before you go to bed at night, make a list of 5 successes.   Big or small.  Often it’s the small successes we don’t even count, but actually make a big difference.   When you acknowledge those successes, really feel the good energy that brings in your heart and spirit.   If you hear the ‘but’ gremlin poking his thoughts into yours, stop that right there and focus on what is.

I have 2 clients who have consistently done this practice for almost a year, and the results are actually phenomenal.  They really see the difference in themselves and their businesses.  And they’ve also seen what happens when they stop.

Remember  to take it slow,  and have patience with yourself and the process of building a sustainable and flourishing business.  Bolster your income to begin with, so you’re not scrambling to pay your bills as you build.  And remember going from 0 to 100 in a minute is not a realistic expectation for you in the kind of business you creating.   Be gentle with yourself and the process, and it will all be yours… in good and perfect timing.

And in the meanwhile buy yourself a hot red frilly (or lacy) pair of knickers to remind yourself what you can have if you choose to. I know it will put a zing in your step! (mine do! 😉 )  And for the guys, well you decide what will do it for you! Lol.



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