3 Tips to a Full Practice through the Summer Lull

by Louise Crooks

Did you know that summer is a time, when business starts to dwindle – folks are out there having fun in the sun, with their families, and are not thinking so much about their healing, growth, or coaching. They want to chill out, kick back and not think too much about anything too serious. Well most, that is.

So the key is to do the work, before it gets to that stage to get your clients lined up and signed up before the lull hits. When they sign up now, it’s likely that they will continue to work with you through the summer months, but if you catch them later, it’s less likely to happen. Make sense?

Here’s to you having a steady income through the summer months and into the fall!

So hiding in your office isn’t going to cut it. And yes, even though the aircon might a tempting deterrent to leaving it. 😉

This is so important and because so many keep telling me they don’t have enough clients – I decided to create a challenge to help prepare you for the Summer!!

Are you ready for it?…. DRUM ROLL…

It’s called The 30 Clients in 30 Days Challenge

Essentially what this means, is that you get to participate in scheduling 30 client strategy sessions in 30 days. Chances are you’ll come out with 5 or 10 clients if you did that. Of course it depends on your enrollment skills, so I’m being conservative. What would it be like to even just have 2 or 3 new clients? Would it be worth the effort?

I’m thinking I’m hearing a big resounding YES!


The challenge starts on June 17th. If you’re excited to participate and get on a roll, then make sure you’re signed up on my website (see the opt-in box to the right of the page) so you get receive notifications and details, to get you started! Make a note in your calendar, and keep an eye on your inbox.

30 day challenge

We’ll have a special Facebook group set up especially for you, filled with eager and committed participants – all like-minded soul-opreneurs like you. It will be a lot of fun. You’ll get to learn from each other’s strategies, get inspiration, learn from each others challenges as well as celebrate successes!

And it’s FREE! Yay!

I did this last year, and it was a hoot! And so exciting to see folks signing up clients left and right. The energy is infectious – you’ll see.

Ok, let’s get down to sharing those 3 powerful tips with you, so you can get a head start, or start preparing for what’s to come!

1) Get in front of people!
Where do your ideal clients hang out? This is a key aspect of being VISIBLE. Make a plan to either network or speak in front of them ASAP. When you start connecting with them in person, and particularly as an expert (when you’re speaking), the trust starts to build immediately, and far quicker than by phone, or online.
Find out where your potential clients gather locally – through networking groups, support groups, associations and make plan to connect with them.

2) Reach out to those you’re already connected to!
Whether you met them at one of those groups, or these are people already in your community – reach out to them for a conversation. Follow up with those you’ve just met. Set up a time to have a conversation to get to know them, and find out more about them and the challenges they face in the area you work in. Following up, is one of the areas many soul-opreneurs fall down in. They do such a great job in the connecting and making new friends, and rarely take it to the next step. I know it, I’ve been there too! Have a system in place to do that, so that it’s part of your routine. And reach out to clients you’ve worked with in the past – they are already convinced at how great your coaching, or acupuncture or hypnotherapy is (or the modality you do). Make it worth their while to say yes again. It costs time and money to find new clients, so this might be where you give your old clients a little financial break, or better yet a bonus or incentive. Whatever you do, the first step is having a conversation with them.

3) Come at these conversations from the heart.
Let go of an agenda of having them as a client, even though you’ve set that overall intention. Set the intention in those meetings for the highest good to come out of it for them and for you, and then let it flow. When you express genuine interest and concern for their wellbeing, taking it to the next step will not feel like you’re coercing or selling, and you get to be in alignment with your soul and what your purpose is in the world. By having a strategy session, they might not decide to work with you right then, but it’s likely they will work with at some point. And if it is an enrollment conversation as opposed to a ‘get to know you’ conversation, make sure to ask for their business!

The key is in the follow up after you make these wonderful connections. Follow up, follow up, follow up.

Create your plan, make a commitment and see the magic happen. And if you want real forward momentum, inspiration, and more assurance of powerful results – join us in the special CHALLENGE.

I’d love to hear your comments below! :)

Louise x

P.S. If you’d like to use this article for your blog or ezine, feel free to do so without changing its content, and including this: ‘This article was written by Louise Crooks – The KeystoClarity! Coach, holistic business coach, author and radio show host, working with healing and helping professionals to build their businesses, create visibility, and have a full practice of clients. Go to www.keystoclarity.com to learn more.’

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