Get Yourself a Boost Box (And Get Rid of the Gremlins)

by Louise Crooks

Is becoming even more evident to me that we are very hard on ourselves as business owners. Have you noticed?

We’re more likely to beat ourselves up for all the things we haven’t done, we get overwhelmed with all the things we are doing, we compare ourselves to others (never a good idea), and our confidence gets shaken often for no apparent reason in the area of our expertise.

Yes, it happens to me too! :-) We’re all human and we have those gremlin voices of doubt and negativity that just squawk away in the back of our heads and catch us off guard occasionally.

To deal with this, and to remind ourselves of our value – I’d like to suggest that you get yourself a BOOST BOX.

All this is, is a pretty box you love, that you put all positive feedback, email, comments, testimonials etc. Yes, print them out. Every day, check to see if someone has said something that you need to be present to take in. Cut and paste it onto a word doc if you need to, and then print and put it into your BOOST BOX.

So every time you need a BOOST – all you need to do is pull out a few reminders of all the good that you’re doing.

Simple! But oh so helpful. :-)

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