Get Clarity, Become Focused! Create Results in 2008

by Louise Crooks

Hi Everyone,

This is so exciting!  I have been talking to small business owners and coaches even today, who are saying the same thing!  They are overwhelmed with how much they take on, and then can’t organise themselves.  It also doesn’t help them to take on more and try to accomplish them because their heads are in such a spin, and it becomes Mind Clutter!  It stops us.  We get stuck in our tracks!   So many of us out there are like that, in our personal lives and in our businesses.  When we work on our own, it can be even harder to create that clarity and focus we want!   I invite you to join the group coaching program that is starting next week on the 30th September!  The Super Solo-preneur 100 Day Challenge.   If you look at the post at the top of the page it will tell you all about it!   Get clarity, focus, encouragement, coaching, motivation, inspiration, team support, momentum, and create results in a

mmmm... whats next?

mmmm... whats next?

 pro-active and measured way.  Don’t forget the Definition of Insanity, is to keep doing the same things, expecting different results!!!   Come and join us, have fun, and make things happen in the final part of 2008!!

For more info or contact me on   

A REMINDER:  There is a limit of 8 people in this group.  A couple of spots are left, so call as soon as you can!

With intention,

Coach Louise Crooks

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