No Monkeying Around! : A Pre-View Call!

by Louise Crooks
Ok lets stop monkeying around, and really get to the point! ;)

Ok lets stop monkeying around, and really get to the point! ;)

Join me for the pre-view call of what is going to be an awesome program!

The Get Clear Now FALL ’09 Group Coaching Program.

In a combination of coaching, training & mentoring, this is where we get really work on our business, to be more effective in sharing our gifts with others, and at the same time do it prosperously! In other words we want to make a huge impact on our business in the next 3 months! Come to this teleconference call on the 23rd September, Wednesday at 4pm EST to really get clear on what its all about, and what benefits you will walk away with! I will give 5 very clear steps during this call to get you started in creating focus & clarity in your business, so that even if you decide not to join the program, you will take away some valuable information that you can implement immediately. There is a bonus to attendees too! You will also get the early bird price extended to you (which has already expired! – but only for this call!!) of $319 for 12 weeks invaluable information, support, coaching and so on. If you would like to attend, please email me at to ensure your place on this call. I will also send you the call-in instructions.  I am so excited!

Coach Louise

(if this is the first time you are hearing about this program, click on this link to take you the exciting details of what the 12 weeks entails!  Get Clear Now FALL ’09 )

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