Growing Strong Roots for Momentum in 2011

by Louise Crooks

I’m assuming that you have been doing some planning work and goal-setting for 2011 like most of us have.  Of course if you haven’t, NOW is the time to get cracking on that very important activity.

I had a fabulous experience this last week, where an organization called The Journey (that is very close to my heart) put on a series of 8 calls called The Journey Cleanse Calls 2011 (free to listen to the recordings) and culminated in an all day in-person workshop yesterday called D-Day …Decision Day.  What an amazing way to start the New Year.  The reason why I’m sharing this with you, is because I realized that we need to do more than planning and goalsetting.  There is actually something you want to do before you get into the nuts and bolts of what lies before you.  It’s like laying the foundations of a house, or growing the roots of a solid tree – those things need to be in place in order to have a sturdy house or a healthy tree that stays in place in  heavy winds and gets the nutrients it needs.  It’s the same for us!

So what is it, I should be doing you might ask?  Its about getting clear of all the old beliefs and vows we’ve made that are getting in the way of our success.  You might at this point not know what those beliefs are that are holding you back, or even think that nothing is holding you back – well, you might be surprised…

I had a breakthrough yesterday on a belief that I didn’t even realize was holding me back. I am one of those people that just goes ahead and does it anyway, so it didn’t feel like there was anything there getting in my way.  I realized that I had a hidden belief of ‘not being capable’ that was attached to a memory from my childhood, that in effect was cancelling out the energy of all the big things I was doing and getting in the way of great success.  This sometimes manifested with a feeling stuckness or wading through mud.  NOW I know I can claim ‘the power and capable-ness’ of my new belief that I got to create during the workshop.  Whew! what power that gave me – the clarity of my year, the momentum I could feel being generated, the success of all I was doing  in 2011 was immediately apparent in a way I had not felt before.  So the realization that I was getting in my own way was huge.

So I want to put this to you….

  • What belief do you have around money, success, the economy, your abilities, your worthiness or deservedness, that might be lurking under the surface?
  • What vow have you made that might not be serving you any more?  (when I was younger I made a vow never to be the center of attention in front of an audience again – lol look at me now!)
  • What is constantly getting in your way?
  • What is a common challenge that keeps arising?
  • What mindset do you know intrinsically is not helping you?  (what is the belief underneath that…)

These are all questions that might give you some insight into a belief that is lurking under the surface that’s not helping or supporting you or your cause.  It might even be something obvious!

So now you’ve identified the belief.  Ready to change it?

Create a quiet space, close your eyes- get really still, and ask yourself if you have a memory attached to that belief.  Just let whatever appears, just surface in your mind.

Now invite all those in that memory gather round an imaginary campfire – one that offers safety and understanding.   Tell the people at the campfire that this belief is no longer serving you. (feel free to tell them why)  Then tell them what your new and supportive belief is to replace the old unsupportive belief. (repeat this belief to yourself a few times out loud to embed it in your mind and body).

Now forgive those at the campfire for contributing to the formation of the old belief. Forgive the universe/God for it being part of your existence. And finally allow forgiveness for yourself for holding onto that belief.

Then let your higher self give you sage advice or a message if  there is one to be given.

Now imagine….

What life is like with this new belief in place a day from now…

What  life is  like a week from now with this new belief …..

What  life is like a month from now….

And 6 months from now….

And now come back to the present.

Gosh I would love to know how you are feeling right now! Let me know in the comments if you have something you’d like to share…

I know clearing out like this, creates a beautiful foundation for the work on planning and goal-setting. The slate really is clean to start afresh and create the momentum for yourself this year in a powerful way.

So whatever your new belief is, I wish you a fabulous and prosperous 2011.

Louise x

PS One of my intentions for 2011 is to write a post once a week. If you see that I’m not fulfilling that expectation I’ve now set, give me BIG nudge! 😉  I hope you enjoy all my sharing to come. And let me know what your thoughts are by commenting below.

PPS If you’re ready to create momentum in your business this year, and don’t want to ‘struggle’ and do it in isolation, then feel free to contact me for a complimentary ‘take the temperature of your business’ consultation, and let’s see what’s possible in your business and for you – whether you’re starting out, or have been in business for a few years.

Reference material: some of what I have shared with you today is part of the work I have experienced with The Journey (I have changed it slightly), and by its founder Brandon Bays, author of The Journey – a book I highly recommend, if you’re ready for a journey of emotional and physical healing on a cellular level.

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