Have you heard of Muscle Activation Technique?

by Louise Crooks
Chris Verdi at work!

Chris Verdi at work!

Well, I hadn’t until recently!  I met a wonderful practitioner who is an MAT specialist and am very excited to have him on my radio on Monday.  He will share all he can on this amazing and interesting technique which helps inactive & atrophied muscles to activate, preventing surgery, curing pain in a way that allows the body to heal itself!  Move over chiropractors, surgeons and the like!  Chris Verdi will also share his experience as a holistic practitioner growing his business Core Restore,  and what his success secrets are!

‘MAT looks at muscle tightness as a form of protection in the body. Weak or inhibited muscles can create the need for other muscles to tighten up in order to help stabilize the joints. MAT gets to the root of pain or injury by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. This helps to restore normal body alignment, thereby, decreasing pain and reducing the risk of injury.

• Bridging the Gap Between Fitness and Rehabilitation •

MAT enables you a new lease on your active lifestyle. With MAT, you can return to the golf course, tennis court, ski slopes or athletic field with renewed strength and without pain. With MAT, athletes of all ages will perform at a higher level without injury, allowing them to “stay in the game”.’

To find out more about Chris Verdi, or MAT and as a bonus, get inspired in your business! join me on Monday at 7pm EST! on KeystoClarity! Radio


Coach Louise

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