Health! Is It Really What We Thought?

by Louise Crooks

Part of the reason why I have started the Hot Seat for Thought Leaders in Health and Wellness ( on the last Wednesday of the month on KeystoClarity Radio) is because we as coaches, holistic practitioners and conscious business owners are often taking care of others first, and not always taking care of ourselves. Many of you will agree, that its difficult to fill someone else’s cup from an empty cup, so fill yours first. :)

This week, we have the pleasure of having Dr Dennis Crawford, Chiropractor, and expert in health and nutrition, speaker, and soon to be author, in to the HOT SEAT!

He is going to be discussing HEALTH MYTHS! Have you noticed how so many things we’ve been taught about health are being turned on their head? That what we thought were the TRUTH are no longer supported. And sometimes certain beliefs are perpetuated for reasons we might be unclear about.

Here are some of the myths we’ll be discussing for starters…

1. Why aspirin is not a health food
2. Why low cholesterol can be dangerous
3. Is the appendix really a worthless evolutionary left-over?
4. Indigestion and gastric reflux is not caused by excess acid.
5. High blood pressure is not a disease a lifetime of drugs is not the answer
6. Vaccination is not the same as immunization
7. Why many so called health organizations have nothing to do with health
8. The government says only drugs can change physiology. Really?

Come and learn more with us in a juicy conversation with Dr Dennis Crawford, and find out what you’ve been doing that might be completely inappropriate!

Call in with questions or listen on 347-945 6963 or listen on the web

And if you can’t make it LIVE, feel free to access the RECORDING after the show airs.
To your shining success!
Louise x

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