Hoarding and Letting Go.

by Louise Crooks

Are you a hoarder? I was thinking about what that meant recently – the word is generally applied to people who collect items that pile up in their house, then I heard it applied to people who hoard animals! shocking. There are also those who are constantly shopping for that ultimate ‘deal’, but the item bought really doesn’t have much meaning.  And then today as I was going through my laptop transferring info, I realised that I am an email/article/PDF hoarder – a compulsive collector! Wow what a revelation. I also recognise that hoarding is a result of some fear present underneathe our daily life. There is a scarcity mentality that creeps in from beliefs created from way back that aren’t supportive.  My fear I guess is not being able to have the info available to me when I need it. Awareness is powerful as we get to make a decision of what we want to let go of, and to confront the fear that’s stopping us. So the question is, what are you hoarding that you might want to let go of….?  This a very important Key to Clarity!  When we let go, accept and choose how to be, we get to open up the flow of energy in our life and in our business.  We attract more of what we want and less of what we don’t. Abundance flows, and we move out of scarcity which we were actually creating through our actions previously through those fears or beliefs.  Just imagine the renewed flow of energy, and what that would mean to you.

Is your mind cluttered?

Is your mind cluttered?

If you want to work on identifying obstacles that you’re creating without even realising it and want  different and more impactful results in your life and/or business , consider working with a coach!  And yes, even coaches work with a coach, as we often can’t see what we’re blinkered about in our own lives and business. A coach partners with you and sees the obstacles really clearly when we often have blinkers on around those things, habits or beliefs that are holding us back, thinking if we just keep trying, we will eventually be successful. The point clearly illustrated here through the beautiful quote from Einstein is ‘ The Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!’   Partnering with an objective party, will move you forward in ways you can only imagine. But do imagine.

PS!  I just realised, my husband and I together are hoarders of bathroom products from hotels!  lol you know the shampoo bottles, and sewing kits etc. mmm……

PPS!! If you’re not aware already, just a quick heads up that the lovely Michelle Schubnel from Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. is joining me tonight on my radio show at 7pm EST, to talk about  ‘More Clients, Higher Profits,and Maximum Impact in 2010’  – just click on the big radio button on the right side of the page to join us.  And there will a recording available there shortly after the show.  I hope you can join us!

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