Home-grown veggies, and India.Arie!?

by Louise Crooks

Well, hi friends – its been a few weeks I know, and so here goes!

Wow, the weather has been awesome! Well it has in New Jersey!  I hope it has for you!  A few thunderstorms (one took out one of my Facebook Webinars! lol) but its been great!  Our veggie community garden is growing like crazy and we have been eating beautiful stripey tomatoes, thai aubergines, and canteloupe melons to name a few.  It is amazing how satisfying it is eating vegetables that taste good, that have come from your own toiling of the soil!  And oh the abundance of it! Very satisfying indeed.

Now what I really wanted to share with you was an amazing and very touching experience I had with my husband on Wednesday night, when we went to Count Basie to watch John Legend, and India.Arie.  What a treat the evening was, both amazing artists, and in such a beautiful setting too.  (I love the Count Basie theatre, and it looks amazing after its makeover!)    To my surprise, India.Arie, came on the stage, started singing and then left the stage a couple of phrases into the song – noone really knew what was going on.   She was gone a while, and her band did an amazing job singing and continuing to entertain us, while we waited in consternation. (they were actually excellent in their own right!)  After a while India came back on the stage, and shared something very touching.  You could see she had been crying, and she shared with us that she had watched a documentary on Joni Mitchell the night before who was one of her role models, and how it reminded her of why she loved her, that she stayed away from the commercialism of the music industry and really stuck to doing music that was close to her heart, and spoke to her soul – she felt she had strayed.  And so she did a set that was completely unplanned, she took her hair off (literally), she brought her mother on stage, and sang some beautiful and very touching melodies and words.  I shed a few tears myself. I want to honor India for her courageous, and her ability to create the awareness for herself around what’s most important to her and then own it. She really did that night.  Thank you India, you are an inspiration.

India.Arie letting loose!

India.Arie letting loose!

So as a coach, I was ecstatic to see someone like India who is all about living in integrity with who she is, her values, and how she wants to effect this world.  I was enraptured and enthralled. (I don’t know if I have any more words to describe it…lol)  She is an amazing role model, who really can have a huge impact on the world in a very powerful way.  One person can make a difference.  Also being out of integrity with oneself, brings about unhappiness – we all saw that on Wednesday.  Follow what truly speaks to you, and your heart.

India, a spirit-like image of her!

India, a spirit-like image of her!

My dear hubby and I are off to Nr Ireland and Spain tomorrow for a couple of weeks, well deserved rest – after dh having a mild stroke a couple of weeks ago, and myself with symptoms that  seem to point to  Lyme Disease  – we really are looking forward to the break.  Time with my goddaughter in Spain, one of my oldest friends (we go back 20 years!) and my aunt and uncle who are coolio!  Beach, pool, beach, pool, and sangria!

Enjoy the rest of the summer my friends, only a few weeks left!  And then I look forward to talking to you more about my upcoming GCN Group Coaching Program starting in late September.  If you would like to find out more about it now, take a look by clicking on this link. GCN Group Coaching (there are only 8 spaces in the group, so the earlier you book the better!)  More about that later.   In the meanwhile make sure you get to relax and enjoy the sunshine, and nurture yourself, before things start hotting up again!

Louise x

Oh PS: Don’t forget to find out what’s next on my radio show! KtC Radio!  I will be hosting it from Northern Ireland on the 31st Aug. How cool is that!  See you in the chatroom!

Enjoy this song India sings,   Beautiful Flower

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