Energetic Alignment equals Powerful Results in your Soul-opreneur Business

by Louise Crooks

‘Where Focus goes, Energy flows’

I never got how true this was until very recently. In my head I knew it was true, but I guess energetically I didn’t in this truly much deeper sense (you’ll see as you keep reading). This is something we all really should pay attention to in a BIG WAY – because it could mean make or break with what you doing.

My client (with permission) said this to me on Monday: ‘ “My people” keep showing up … I love it! I’m ready to show up for them.’

This is a huge shift for this client. She is ready to show up for them. I can see it in her energy, in her action, in her attitude, in her mindset, and in her focus in her business. It’s all aligned.

Part of it came from a ‘I’ve had enough of things not being the way I had hoped them to be’; ‘I’m sick of myself, saying I’m going to do something and not doing it, and wondering why nothing happens’; getting out of the ‘busy-ness’ of focusing on what isn’t serving her business to move into this flow; and shifting the thoughts of lack and self-worth that were holding her back and getting really connected to the value she provides. And sometimes you just have to get to that point, to make a decision about how you’re going to show up!


And boy did she!! Woohoo, she has a new client, and strategy sessions are starting to come out of the wood-work. She is aligned and in flow.


Another client (with permission) recently said to me that she ended up in burn-out a few years ago, because she wasn’t energetically aligned. The universe was hitting her over the head with a 2 by 4, but she hadn’t been listening. She said up to that point, NOTHING WAS WORKING. And as soon as she stopped it all, took time out and listened to her inner guidance, everything started to line itself up in support of her highest good.

I see this in myself too. If I’m feeling resentful, tired, or grumpy in general, things don’t go well. When I’m in joy, focus, alignment with my true self and desires, the energetic alignment happens and things start to flow.
So the point here is…. If you’re doing all the ‘right’ things in your business, but it’s not working – there could be something in this…

Bringing all parts of you to your business is crucial for positive flow to happen. That means spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. This is why creating balance as you work on your business, is also so important – because it balances the integration of all parts of you in what you do. If you just bring one area to your business, it feels lopsided and doesn’t feel good, and reflects in what shows up – less clients, feeling exhausted, frustration etc. And guess what that brings more of…

Here’s something else I want you to think about. Visibility is a key aspect to growing your business – and you need to be in ‘right’ action as you do it, aligned, and focused. Many have resistance to doing things around marketing and creating visibility in their business because there isn’t that alignment. That has a knock on effect to everything you’re doing, and the results you’re seeing or in this case not seeing. Exploring what that looks like is a deeper exploration, but I just want you to think about this, so you ask yourself if what you’re doing is a lot of ‘shoulds’ rather than focused and aligned strategies to be seen or connect with potential clients.

A whole lot of alignment in the ‘being’ and ‘doing’ in your business!

It applies to everything. Here’s to you being in FLOW.

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