Intentional Self-Care & 2 Types of Rest

by Louise Crooks

Self-care is so important to maintain your health and inspiration and to support having a thriving business. It’s an area many helping professionals don’t pay a lot of attention to – so please be intentional and decide what you’re going to do to take time out and relax and enjoy… Remember we can’t pour from a cup that isn’t full to begin with when we’re trying to fill someone else’s.

The last part of the year, always seems to be shorter from a serving business perspective – with September, October and November (and sometimes December) being the key months – where we’re full on in our business and working hard. Hopefully in July and August you had a chance to recuperate and recharge. It’s important to get the rest you need in order to move forward powerfully. I learnt that the hard way last year, particularly when personal challenges were also sapping my strength and resolve. I know it’s possible that’s happening for you too.

There are 2 types of rest – both as important as the other. There is Active Rest, where you have fun and do something that moves your body and you’re focusing on something other than your business. It could be swimming at the beach, hiking in the woods, going to a water aerobics class. And there is Passive Rest, where you’re being still and nurtured. This could be a massage, or meditation or naps.

What are you intentionally going to add to your schedule this summer to get the rest and rejuvenation you need?

Add a comment below if you’d like to share it with me, I love hearing about what you’re doing!

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