Interview! Increase your energy/banish your energy drain

by Louise Crooks

Interview Alert!

This is a unique opportunity to listen to and particate in an interview where I will be talking with Christine Clifton, a Life Coach who coaches individuals dealing with Chronic Conditions and Pain, and to find out how to conserve your energy!  She calls it becoming a ‘PowerPlant’!  I coach Women and Couples dealing with the effects on energy when facing the challenges of fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI.  Both Christine and I also experience chronic pain, through fibromyalgia and migraine respectively.  We are in unique position to really bolster and guide those who are looking to really take care of themselves to create the best outcome from infertility issues or just for life in general. Stress is a big energy drain, as well as so many other factors.. Tune in to hear our thought provoking show!

This interview will take place on KTC Radio at 4pm EST time on August 11th. 

I encourage all men and women dealing with any type of situation which drains your energy, to listen or phone in with questions around this topic!  By sharing your situation, who knows how many people you might be helping! 

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you on the air!  (or listen to the archived podcasts if you can’t make that time!)   Click on KTC radio link on the side of the page to take you to the radio segment!

Coach Louise  Crooks ~ The KeystoClarity! Coach

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