It all ends at midnight!

by Louise Crooks

Well that might be a slight exaggeration, but nevertheless, the early bird price of the Get Clear Now Coaching Program FALL ’09 will be closed at midnight EST!

I was invited to have conversation with Karen Swim & Trish Lambert on SwimBert Radio this morning – where we had a wonderful conversation about small business over coffee!  Just the way I like to do radio – thats what its all about – conversation!  Anyway it was the perfect reminder to let everyone know about this wonderful program for soul-driven solo-preneurs – assisting them in ending 2009 magnificently – thats starting on the 29th September,  you can see the details, by clicking on the tab at the top of the page – and of course you can now listen to the recording of Trish & Karen’s show, to hear about it too!     They are awesome solo-preneurs those two! and in fact I’ve had Trish on my show in Feb 09 during coaching month, which was very informative!  Thanks gals, for a great chat!  I hoped all you entrepeneurs out there enjoyed it too!

On another note of endings, and new beginnings… wasn’t the tennis amazing yesterday! Both players were wonderful, and seeing Kim Clujster’s little girl on the court with the trophy was so heartwarming, I had a little cry! Ok I know, maybe thats over the top, but I’ll cry if I want to – its my party! lol   Its wonderful to see the hierarchy of the tennis world shifting, and seeing some amazing players come through.  I won’t even mention Serena William’s appalling behaviour….  And I’m looking forward to seeing the men’s final today!    So what coaching tips can we glean from the experiences we’ve seen play-out over the last couple of days.   Well, certainly, what you focus on expands… beware Serena, and hello Kim!  Humility & love for the sport and people says it all when these talented players move forward with their careers and the relationship with the crowd.

I hope to see you in the chatroom tonight for what will be an awesome show at 7pm EST!

You might have to record the rest of the men’s final, but it will be worth it!  And finally, don’t forget to check out the  Get Clear Now FALL Program – early bird ends at midnight!

Have a great day everyone!


Coach Louise

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