The KEY to shifting from feeling Yuck about doing Marketing, to Yay!

by Louise Crooks

Wouldn’t that be JUST AWESOME?  If you could shift how you felt about sharing your message with the world – feeling like you actually WANTED to do it.

And maybe you do want to do it – with speaking, and writing a book or a blog etc.   Those all fall into the realm of marketing.

Get Ready to Fall in Love with Marketing
BUT sadly ‘marketing’ is a word that most of us soul-opreneurs are allergic to.

Why?  Because the word ‘marketing’ is charged with a lot of meaning for each of us.

It could mean that you feel like you’re pushing your stuff onto someone.   We all hate it when it feels pushy right – especially when someone is doing it to us!    Because of this, we tend to swing the pendulum right to the other side of visibility, holding ourselves back completely, rather than being out there in the balance between the extremes.    (Believe me I’ve been there too!)

Marketing could also have the perception for you that it’s something you have to do that you’re not going to like – because it’s complicated, techie, or completely out of your realm of knowledge and understanding.

It might also be that you’re thinking that you should be doing all forms of marketing i.e.: LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Groupon, podcasting, networking, speaking, workshops, and on and on – and that feels overwhelming or may even be stopping you in your tracks completely.  After all where do you start!!?

There are many perceptions we have about marketing.

Here is the definition of marketing as I see it…

Sharing your message, and building/nurturing relationships.   (It’s the ‘Dating’ part of the ‘Relationship’)

How does that resonate?

Does it feel different?

So now the question is:  How do you naturally share your message in a way that feels good to you?

What activity is going to light your fire?   Is it writing a blog, or is it having a podcast / radio show, or is it speaking to small groups…

You decide which feels the most exciting to you.

You’ll notice that you’ll choose the particular thing that resonates with your own strongest learning style.  The way you experience learning the best.  Whether it’s listening, reading, watching, participating etc.  e.g.: If you like to read books, or participate in a live event, or watch a video.  (This is related to NLP which dives into learning styles like Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic etc.)

What I want for you is to get excited and inspired about choosing one method that resonates with you the most.

And then focusing specifically on that method – until you master it. 

So if you decide to blog, then master that.

Do it 2 or 3 times a week, make sure you learn all you need to about optimizing your keywords, and titles, and how to share your blog posts, become a guest blogger etc. etc.

Become the master of it.  Dive deep and learn all you need to maximize and leverage that method of delivering your message.

Not only will you find that you start producing results with your marketing because you’re not trying to do too many things (and doing them poorly), but also because you’re excited to step into doing what you actually love – in this case sharing your message through writing.

Ready to pare down and dive deep?

So what are you choosing?

And how do you feel about the word ‘marketing’ now?

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