Build your Email List. Create a powerful and targeted following.
Get many more clients and sales.

Your online FREEBIE or FREE OFFER is the gateway to creating a community of avid fans.

Every coach, healer, author or speaker in the service who has a website needs a compelling free gift on their home page. Without it, all your marketing is for naught. Let’s make it all WORTHWHILE. Get ready for an info packed call on Creating Your Juicy Opt-In Gift - The Gateway to Building a Community and Many More Clients!

You'll be able to attract your ideal clients into your community (your email list) in droves. You'll be able to build a relationship with them so when theyre ready to work with you, you'll be able to invite them to take that next step. Your free gift is the GATEWAY to all that wonderful opportunity.  

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You'll find out...

What makes a free opt-in gift juicy
What kinds of gifts you could create (yes, there are many)
3 Traps to avoid when creating an opt-in
5 Key elements to creating an opt-in gift
Whether having more than one gift a good idea
How to not give away the farm by making your gift truly valuable
What works well and what doesnt when attracting your ideal clients to your opt-in gift
How to have an opt-in gift that rocks, attracts and keeps them coming back for more
And how to get started so its not a big and cumbersome affair

I know it's going to make a big difference to building your inner community (that's your email list), getting clients and rocking sales in your business.

Register now above to reserve your seat for this special teleclass on December 5th!

"I knew Louise's call would be full of great information for the aspiring authors in my community. Louise delivered so much valuable information, I found myself taking copious notes while I interviewed her! It was one of the most information-rich, practical and useful calls I've held, because of all the strategic and specific information Louise shared on the call. She went into depth about issues we were all wondering about but didn't have answers for--how many opt-in gifts to create, how sign ups experience the gift so they’re fans for life, and what really makes it juicy”

- Lisa Tener, Award Winning Book Writing Coach

Get ready to have a rockin' homepage opt-in gift! And even beyond that, a free gift (or 2) to have readily available when you speak on future teleseminars and telesummits; so you can build your community and leverage every opportunity that presents itself to you.

It's my mission to make sure you have all the foundational pieces in place in your business, so you're successfully helping more people. We CAN make a difference, help people heal, grow and awaken together, and have the lifestyle we desire.

To your SHINING success, and JOY-filled visibility,

Louise x  

Louise Crooks worked in her previous life, as a professional interviewer in the recruitment of doctors, accountants and bankers for 10 years in London, UK where she also learnt what it means to market and sell through relationship. While heading up her KeystoClarity Coaching business she then went on to hosting a wildly successful radio show for the last 8 years, where she continues to interview leaders like Ali Brown, Andrea J Lee, Mary Allen, Michael Port, Lisa Tener and Michael Losier just to name a few. Louise knows what she’s doing, when it comes to bringing the best out in you – in your marketing, messaging and in this instance – your compelling opt-in gift or product!

Louise is passionate about supporting conscious business owners in the fields of healing and transformation. Louise experienced her own health challenges, and her journey explored alternative and integrative medicine as well as coaching. She fell in love with this community, and it has become her mission to make sure practitioners and coaches like you are successful in your practice so you can help more people with your precious skills, and be able to attract and serve your clients passionately and authentically. Louise is a successful coach, business mentor and author, providing resources through her coaching, group programs and trainings, as well as her radio show KeystoClarity! Radio and The Business Springboard Show.