Does your Lead Magnet (Free offer) have ‘Leaky Gut’?

by Louise Crooks
lead magnet

I’m rather focused at the moment on what food does to the body, and how it can be really helpful to heal!   Especially if you have leaky gut.  It’s why I’m jumping into a 21 day Sugar Detox with a nutritionist this week.

Did you know that leaky gut means you have tiny holes in your gut lining allowing food and ‘other’ stuff to leak into your body that shouldn’t be there.   It means your body isn’t functioning at optimum level – it’s why you might feel sluggish, tired, or unwell.

Now I’m not a nutritionist, so I’m not here to explain what you can do about your leaky gut- even if I am working on my own.

What I am going to share with you is that sometimes your free offer might also be suffering from ‘leaky gut’ syndrome.

Somewhere along the line there are gaps, or something isn’t working properly, and so your offer is struggling to give you the sustenance you need to fill your practice, and get clients!

And in turn your free offers (lead magnets, gifts…etc.) could be causing ‘leaky gut’ in your business!  If they don’t work your business is likely to limp along if you’re relying on this to build your list, and help you get clients. It’s slow, sluggish, and not doing very well!  Sound familiar? ?

If you have a free offer on your website that just doesn’t seem to be working OR if you’re planning on creating a free offer (that has all the essential parts -there are 3!) and you’re not sure how to go about doing this…

I have a special invitation for you, which I will share in an email later this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meanwhile, ask yourself:

  • Is my free gift /offer really working properly? (you can tell by the number of opt-ins you’re getting, how it looks on the page, where it’s placed etc)
  • Is my free offer helping me build a community (list), get clients, or fill programs?
  • Am I using a lead magnet /free offer when I’m speaking to get folks onto my list? (especially if you’re not allowed to make an offer)
  • Is it time to create a free gift!?  (this is if you don’t have one! I really hope you do, but if not –it’s definitely time.)
  • Say goodbye to ‘leaky gut’ and hello to a nourishing business, that will create a beautiful sustainable life for you, and chance to do more of what you love with the folks you love to work with.

P.S.  Did you know that your business is an entity all on its own?  It’s going to nourish you, as much as you nourish it.  It’s a two way street.  Make sure you’re giving it the essentials ‘supplements’ it needs – like a great free gift offer!

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